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WSU students share their most-used apps

The votes are in, and students at Weber State University pick Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as their most-used apps.

In today’s world, the ability to access information is staggering. With the simple swipe of a finger, anyone can access emails, games or social media sites.

“I am on Facebook or Instagram a lot in one day,” said Jennifer Perry, a junior at WSU. “I like to talk with people on Facebook Messenger, so it can take up a lot of my day. I would say that in a normal day, Facebook and Instagram can take up to 40 percent of my day.”

Campus is filled with students like Perry. A survey given to students on campus came back with the results to prove it. Students were asked to pick their favorite apps in different categories, such as games and productivity, and more than half of all surveys given on campus came back showing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the most-used apps.

These social media apps and sites have taken over as the main form of entertainment and a means to access news and information.

“I spend a lot of my time on Twitter,” said Colton Mooney, a WSU sophomore. “I think it is funny. I don’t really post anything; I just like to read what people post. They are hilarious!”

According to Mooney, Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with old friends.

“I follow a bunch of old friends from high school,” he said. “I can see what they are up to and what they are talking about.”

The clear winner for students’ choice in social media apps is Twitter, followed by Facebook and Instagram by a small margin.

These social media apps took priority over productivity apps such as Dropbox and OneNote. They also beat out games, such as the popular Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga.

In the category of productivity, the students’ choice goes to Dropbox. This simple cloud memory system allows students the flexibility to access their notes and papers anywhere they go. In a close second in the productivity category was Google Drive, which offers a similar service as Dropbox.

In the category of games and time-wasters, Candy Crush Saga received the highest amount of votes, winning the students’ choice award. This new matching game has taken off and gathered a large following in a short time period.

Overall, WSU students voted Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be the most-used apps. They received more votes than any game or productivity app combined.

Kylee Richter, a freshman, said she uses Twitter as well, but for different reasons.

“I do use Twitter a lot,” Richter said. “I am on there all the time. I like to follow celebrities and keep up on their news.”

Richter said her day can easily become consumed with the use of Twitter.

“I probably spend about 30 minutes of an hour-long class on Twitter,” Richter said. “I can be easily distracted, so Twitter is something fun to do.”

Out of the three main social media apps, Twitter received the most votes, deeming it the No. 1 students’ choice app.

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