Ogden shop creates unique donuts

(Photo by: Tyler Brown)
(Photo by Tyler Brown) Ashley Price holds her son as he points out his donut of choice at Beyond Glaze.

Beyond Glaze, located on 24th Street across from The Junction, is the newest trend in donuts. Focused on gourmet and creative recipes, Beyond Glaze features more than 30 recipes with a variety of colors and flavors.

Posted on the wall of the shop is the famous quote that serves as a motto for the shop: “You may think they’re too pretty to eat. Give it three seconds.”

“It’s an extraordinary experience,” said Gina Oakley, a junior at Weber State University, of one of the donuts. “The lemon and orange is a perfect blend!”

Drew Morgan, the owner of Beyond Glaze, said that the shop idea came from  a memory his dad had when he was young.

“He remembered Spudnuts and wanted to start up a donut shop that made deliveries,” Morgan said.

Spudnuts was a company that had delivery men who brought donuts directly to the consumer. Morgan’s father wanted to open a similar business, but they learned  most people weren’t interested in delivery. So the gourmet shop was born.

“We take a plain glazed donut and go beyond it with gourmet ingredients,” Morgan said of how the name was chosen.

The first shop was opened in Draper 4.5 years ago, followed by a move to Ogden. Morgan said that some business owners from Ogden came and visited the shop and suggested that he move up this way. Finding a location downtown, Beyond Glaze opened its doors in March of 2013. Currently, Morgan is planning a store for Sugarhouse.

Ashley Stewart, manager of the Ogden shop, shared some ingredients of the donuts.

“All of the recipes are made with real fruit, fruit juices,” she said. “They are made throughout the day so the donuts are always fresh.”

Beyond Glaze will also cater any event.

“We do not have a catering truck, but we do cater,” Stewart said. “We did a wedding and they ordered 576 donuts. We bake them here and design all the donuts one by one. It took 4.5 hours. We are pretty fast. It only takes about an hour to do 12 donuts with two people.”

Stewart and Morgan both said the maple bacon donut is the most popular. The mastermind behind these unique donuts is Morgan’s sister Antoinette Frank. A graduate from the Culinary Institute in New York, she has taken her passion and creativity for culinary arts to create donuts.