Viewpoint: We all need a break sometimes

Sometimes people just need a break. It’s that simple. We make life too complicated, overload our schedules and stress out. When this happens, we just need a break. Sometimes we just can’t handle it anymore, and we throw in the towel.

We are college students. We have classes, homework, jobs, social lives, family lives and personal lives. At times we don’t know how we are going to cope or handle all of those situations in one semester. We all have ways to cope with stress: music, books, friends, parties, sleeping, and sometimes we will completely drop a source of high stress. We take breaks, and we look at the big picture for a greater good. We quit high-stress situations too.

We, the public, are often unforgiving when public figures take time off to rest, relax or resign. We do the same thing. The Pope is getting so much flak for resigning. We understand that this hasn’t happened in hundreds of years, but he just couldn’t do it anymore. He has the responsibility of trying to govern and maintain millions of people. That is a lot of work. He probably felt like he was doing a subpar job and that, if he resigned, someone could do it better. He is really providing a favor and resigning for a greater good.

President Barack Obama takes his family on vacations to Hawaii. He needs time to relax and rejuvenate. He has one of the most stressful jobs in the country, and that is to run it the best way he knows how. Everybody gave him a hard time because he took time out for himself. But we do that too.

Hilary Clinton isn’t returning for a second term as the Secretary of State. Do you blame her? She has the job of maintaining peace with the world. Why would anyone want that job for eight years? We would probably resign too.

Athletes get frowned upon when they do the same thing. If they get injured, they have to take time off to heal and get better. If they aren’t 100 percent, they run the risk of permanently damaging their bodies. But we demand them to play and entertain us, and call them weak if they don’t. If we get injured, we take a break and heal too.

Taking a breather and destressing is so important that every spring, universities and schools have a weeklong break embedded into the semester. We can all agree Spring Break is the greatest week in an entire fiscal year. We need it to help us finish the semester strong. How many of us have plans to go out of town that week? How many of us are planning on resting that week? We need the break.

At least once a week, we schedule time for ourselves regularly, to do things we enjoy besides homework and work. If we take time out for ourselves, if we relax, if we resign or quit because we can’t handle it, then why do we judge others so harshly? People in the public eye are humans too. They need a break every once in a while.