They met on campus

[media-credit id=7 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Every day, taking a walk through the Weber State University campus could be an opportunity to meet a new person. Here are a few stories of Wildcats who found romance on campus.

Brittany Long and Trevor Moore: Teaching major Trevor Moore and business and multimedia major Brittany Long met in a WSU Adobe InDesign class over a year ago when Moore asked Long to go to a WSU event at Classic Skating.

“There came a Weber State Classic Skating thing a little while later,” Moore said, “and I asked Brittany at school if she was going to be there. She said yes. Then as it came closer, I called her to make sure she was going, and I told her I would pick her up, and she needed to give me her address. When I showed up, she was blown away that I actually was picking her up.”

Long has a little bit of a different version, however.

“He invited me to Classic Skating in Layton,” Long said. “I told him I would meet him there because I didn’t want it to be a date. I wasn’t going to go, and he showed up at my house. I had to go with him. I think we’ve been together every day since then. I tried to stand up my boyfriend. I tried.”

The two have been dating over a year and have learned to find attributes about the other that they like. Moore said that he thinks Long is smart, ambitious, giving, beautiful and talented. Long said that she is proud of his academic achievements and likes when he sings in the car.

Drew Tyler and Stacey Tyler: Drew and Stacey Tyler are both WSU alumni and current WSU instructors. The two met 11 years ago while working on the KWCR staff.

“I first saw Stacey in the spring semester of 1999,” Drew said. “I remember sitting at the back of the class. We met in studio 77 in the library. I saw her at the front of the class, and I asked my friends, ‘Who’s that?’”

Drew said that he and Stacey became best friends after working together every day at the radio station over the summer of 1999 while Stacey was general manager.

“There was a moment in time when we went out to have a hot chocolate together at Dee’s on Washington, and I basically brought up that I’d like to take the next step,” Drew said. “She said no. She said she didn’t think it would be a good idea. Of course, in her mind, we had a working relationship at the station, and if we pursued a love relationship or anything beyond that and it didn’t work out, it would jeopardize the professionalism that we had going on.”

Eventually, Drew and Stacey went to a concert together,

“It was almost a year and a half after I had met her that I took her to a concert, and I gave her a kiss on the cheek at her doorstep,” Drew said.

It was about four months after that that Drew asked Stacey to marry him. Today the couple has been married for 11 years and has three daughters.

“Here we are going on 11 years, pure bliss,” Drew said. “She made me want to be a better person. At that point in time, I was pretty happy just being a bum. I was just being the goofy kid on campus. There was just something about Stacey that made me want to be a better person. I wanted to succeed and do things for her, not to impress her, but to be all that I can be for her. She helped me with a lot of great things.”

Eric Call and Obnette Woodward: WSU student Obnette Woodward said she was walking through the Ogden Institute building on campus when two men began chasing after her.

“I was just walking down the stairs, and suddenly these two guys start chasing after me,” Woodward said.

It was her current boyfriend and assosciates of arts student Eric Call and his friend.

“His friend was like, ‘My friend has been noticing you around the institute for a while, and he wants to ask you out,’” Woodward said. “Then there was a Halloween activity going on here, and he asked me to go with him. We went to that for our first date. Even before our second date, we started going out.”

The two have been dating for over three months.

“I really like how he doesn’t care about what other people think about him,” Woodward said.

When asked what his favorite thing about his girlfriend was, Call said, “I really like how she just tries to help everyone, tries to help people not conflict or argue and just get along.”