Playin' On Purple – A strongly worded letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I have a bone to pick with you. I realize that I live in Utah. I have come to accept the fact that Utah has four seasons. Fall, spring, summer, winter happen every year, varying in degree.  Most outdoor sports are set around the conditions of those seasons. When the seasons get messed up, so do our outdoor sports.

The biggest problem I have been having lately is that the weather has been glorious. Warm air, blue skies and the sun shining brightly through are signs of spring. Spring to me means softball. Softball means fun. The weather is just teasing me because it knows how badly I want the season to start.

I am twitching in anticipation for softball, and this weather being as awesome as it has been is not helping at all. That’s not it, though. I have more problems than just that one.

The winter of 2010-11 was magical. It snowed a boatload, and skiing and snowboarding on the Utah resorts were incredible. My brothers took full advantage of their season passes to Snow Basin. I even went boarding twice last year. That’s a new record for me. After that winter, things went downhill and fast.

The spring of 2011 was awful. It snowed until the end of April and then rained the entire month of May and half of June. My softball season got rained out the entire month of May. That is not maximum amount of playing possible.

The summer was OK. It was hot with scattered summer rainstorms. It was about as typical a Utah summer as any person could ask for.

Fall was also good. Except for the fact it has not ended yet. It has been brisk fall weather up until this week. I did not even pull out my winter coat until last Tuesday. I was wearing light jackets, hoodies and long sleeves. It’s been 40-50 degree weather for November, December and half of January. Why did I stop playing softball in October if the weather has been this nice? I’m just saying, I am not happy.

Winter this year is horrible. We have had maybe two snowstorms of more than an inch. Even with those two storms, the snow didn’t last long. No snow equals no snowboarding and no skiing. The resorts are open, but it’s not very fun when there is no fresh pow to shred. This ski season has been no bueno.

Alright, with a dry winter, it can only mean one of two things. First off, we are going to be in a horrible drought, and everyone will be freaking out because of the lack of moisture we have received.

Second, it’s going to be snowing until July. If that is to happen, we can kiss all spring sports good-bye. With my hard core addiction to slow-pitch softball, I will be very unhappy.

Basically, Mother Nature, I am sick of you messing with my mind. Can we please have a normal weather pattern with lots of snow and rain in the appropriate months? Appropriate weather at the appropriate times of year are essential to any outdoor sports personnel.

Mother Nature, please take sports into consideration next time you think about upsetting the weather patterns. Take my words into consideration and please, oh please, be kind to the spring season so that I may indulge in maximum softball playing.


A concerned softball addict.