A chorus of college colors

Decorations set out at grad finale along with graduation attire. Photo taken in December 2022.

Turning their tassel from right to left is a defining moment that graduates are likely to remember for years to come. Weber State University tassels come in many colors, each with a purpose other than adding a pop of color to the studious cap and gown.

WSU’s graduating students can pick up their tassels, cap, gown and other important items at the Grad Finale on April 11, anytime between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Dee Events Center. Graduation ceremonies will be held on April 28.

If upcoming graduates cannot attend the Grad Finale, they will need to order their regalia online from the Wildcat Stores. They can have it shipped to them or go for in-store pickup at the Ogden campus location. The deadline for shipping is April 24.

The tassel given to each student acts as a symbol of their college or degree. There will be 13 different tassel colors at WSU graduation this spring. The different areas of study and their correlated color are as follows:

Black: Applied Science and Technology.

Orange: Master and Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Master and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, and Associate of Pre-Engineering.

White: Arts and Humanities and Master of English.

Crimson: Master of Professional Communication.

Brown: Business and Economics, Master of Business Administration, Master of Accounting and Master of Taxation.

Light Blue: Education and Master of Education.

Apricot: Health Professions, Master of Nursing, Master of Nurse Practitioner and Master of Radiology.

Sage Green: Master of Respiratory Therapy, Master of Athletic Training and
Bachelor of Athletic Therapy.

Salmon: Master of Health Administration, Bachelor of Health Administrative Services and Bachelor of Public Health.

Golden Yellow: Science.

Cream: Social & Behavioral Sciences and BIS.

Citron: Master of Criminal Justice.

Purple and White: Associate in General Studies.

Regardless of tassel color, master’s and bachelor’s graduates will wear a black cap and gown. Those receiving their associate degrees will wear purple.