Police Blotter 3/16

Rogue hockey puck
A hockey game attendee was struck in the head with a hockey puck that was deflected into the stands back on Feb. 16. A laceration was found on her head, but the bleeding had stopped and she appeared fully attentive. She refused emergency medical services and was transported to McKay Dee Hospital by her friend who attended the game with her. No further action was taken by the Weber State University Police Department.

Rivalry turned violent
There was a report made on March 3 containing information regarding an incident at the Dee Events Center, between fan bases of two high schools at a basketball game. One juvenile fan escalated manners to a criminal level. The juvenile in question will be referred for the following charges: assault against a peace officer, interference with a peace officer and disorderly conduct.

No ski zone
On March 9, WSUPD responded to the northeast side of the Dee Events Center on a report of individuals making ski jumps. They were informed they could not continue to do the jumps, and both individuals were cooperative. No further action was taken.

Reminder for drivers
The WSUPD would like to remind individuals that driving in the OGX bus lane is prohibited. Parking should also only be done in marked parking stalls. WSUPD also wants to remind individuals parking in the parking lots and driving around campus to be vigilant and cautious.