News Quiz 2/07



1. What magnitude was the earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria this past weekend?
A. 9.9
B. 5.6
C. 7.8
D. 3.2

2. Beyoncé is now the musical artist with the most Grammys to her name. How many Grammys has she won?
A. 62
B. 32
C. 42
D. 12

3. The U.S. military shot down an alleged spy balloon from a foreign country this past weekend. From what country did this spy balloon originate?
A. South Korea
B. Japan
C. China
D. Thailand

4. What renowned football player announced his retirement this past week?
A. Tom Brady
B. Aaron Rodgers
C. Jalen Hurts
D. Patrick Mahomes


1. The answer is C, 7.8. According to CNN, the earthquake that devastated much of the population of both Turkey and Syria this past weekend was of 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale. Buildings were toppled, and more than 2,300 people lost their lives in this disaster. Many international organizations are lending their hands to help the people of this respective country.

2. The answer is B, 32. According to The New York Times, with her win for Best R&B song for “Cuff It,” Beyoncé took home 32 Grammy Award trophies since her first win in 1998. She has garnered a record breaking 88 nominations since then.

3. The answer is C, China. According to CNN, the alleged spy balloon was spotted over Latin America skies. Chinese officials said it was a balloon used for weather-surveying purposes. China called the move from the U.S. to shoot down the balloon as “an overreaction” and “seriously violating international practice.”

4. The answer is A, Tom Brady. According to ESPN, Brady has won seven Super Bowls across his career. Although he has officially announced his retirement this past week, he announced it this time last year and recanted his retirement. Brady recently signed a historic $540 million post-retirement TV deal to be a lead NFL on-air analyst for Fox Sports, though that won’t start airing until he’s finished playing.