News Quiz 1/24



Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is set to cut a record number of jobs, citing “economic reality.”


1. Kylie Jenner recently revealed her second child’s name after almost a year since his birth. What is his name?
A. Travis
B. Kabos
C. Aire
D. Cloud

2. Utah’s 2023 legislative session started on Jan. 23. How many Utah lawmakers participate?
104, 84-R and 20-D
100, 73-R and 27-D
235, 143-R and 92-D
203, 107-R and 96-D

3. The Eccles Conference Center in downtown Ogden is set to get a multimillion dollar update. How much in millions will this update be?
A. $3.2
B. $11.8
C. $33.1
D. $1.6

4. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is set to cut a record number of jobs, citing “economic reality.” How many jobs are they cutting?
A. 331,000
B. 4,000
C. 12,000
D. 42,000


1. The answer is C, Aire. According to Today, Kylie Jenner recently posted a collection of photos with her baby to her Instagram with the caption “AIRE.” It is believed to be a Hebrew name meaning “lion of God.”

2. The answer is A, 104 lawmakers, 84 Republicans and 20 Democrats. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Republicans dominate the Senate and House of Representatives. At least 17 of the lawmakers are entering their first legislative session, while four of them have been in office for more than 20 years.

3. The answer is B, $11.8. According to the Standard Examiner, this update has been a long time coming, as these repairs will make the center more adaptable to the times in which we now live. County leaders have preliminarily earmarked $5.8 million in repairs and Eccles officials are hoping for $6 million more. The Center was built in 1997.

4. The answer is C, 12,000. According to NBCNews, Alphabet is cutting 12,000 jobs. It is not the only major company laying off their employees. Apple, Amazon and Spotify are also cutting jobs and laying off employees.