Police Blotter 1/19

Drug bust
On Jan. 8, shortly after midnight, a WSUPD officer responded to a complaint made by RAs at University Village Building 5. The RAs told officers that they had smelled the odor of marijuana coming from one of the apartments as well as the sound of an air-freshener being used from within the apartment before the officer had arrived. Though the odor of marijuana was not initially noticed upon entering the apartment, a sweep of the apartment uncovered drugs, drug paraphernalia and alcohol. The drugs and drug paraphernalia were collected to be destroyed and officers confiscated the alcohol.

The last straw
On Jan. 9, an unhoused individual who was not a WSU student was reported to be yelling at individuals in the Stewart Library using obscenities. Responding officers have continually dealt with this individual since December and knew him to have problems with paranoia and narcotics usage. This same individual was found only days prior suffering from a meth overdose at a bus stop. Officers helped him get transported to McKay-Dee Hospital for treatment. Due to the subject’s actions and previous dealings, WSUPD officers ensured that the man is banned from all WSU property.

Scents of cannabis and lavender
On the night of Jan. 10, WSUPD responded to a drug violation after an RA from Wildcat Village Residence Hall 3 reported that they detected the smell of marijuana coming from the third floor of the building. The responding officer investigated the area, but only encountered the smell of shampoo and body wash. The showers are located at the end of the hallway, so this was determined to be the origin of the scent. After knocking on nearby doors and finding nothing, the officer left.

On Jan. 11, a vehicle was observed to be accelerating at a high rate of speed in the parking lot of the WSU LDS Institute building at around 1:00 a.m. The vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign and was pulled over by WSUPD. Upon speaking to the responding officer, the driver of the vehicle admitted that he was accelerating to hit a water puddle and intentionally ran the stop sign. The driver was let off with a verbal warning.

You forgot something…
On Jan. 11, WSUPD was dispatched to conduct a motorist assist by Ogden Police Department (OPD) because a child had been locked in a car. The child was successfully rescued from the car unscathed and was confirmed to not be in distress.

Mother Nature’s wrath
On the evening of Jan. 12, a WSUPD officer responded to a complaint in the A10 parking lot. The complainant explained that he had returned to his car after work only to discover that his rear window had been smashed, though noted that nothing from inside had been taken. It was found upon further investigation that the damage had occurred due to the recent weather conditions. The wet and cold weather that day had aggravated pre-existing damage, leading to the window shattering.

You can run but you can’t hide
On Jan. 13, just after 1 p.m., WSUPD responded to a hit and run involving a parked car at the Dee Events Center. No note was left by the offending driver, who left a dent in the parked car before leaving the scene. The driver of the offending vehicle has yet to come forward or be identified.

Love sucks
During the afternoon of Jan. 13, WSUPD and a member of staff at WSU housing responded to a welfare check in Wildcat Village Residence Hall 1. The subject of the welfare check was then confirmed to be of no danger to herself or anyone else and was talked to about her options in overcoming a recent breakup.

Wait, this isn’t my room
Just after midnight on Jan. 14, a student was found unconscious and highly intoxicated in a public bathroom stall in Wildcat Village Residence Hall 2. The student was transported to Ogden Regional Medical Center for treatment and has since recovered. The offending student was not given a citation, but will face consequences from WSU.

Shots fired
On Jan. 16, at around 5 p.m., two individuals were found to have been shooting at targets with a .22 rifle near Gibbons trail head by an old water tank. WSUPD made sure that the firearm was legal and not part of any ongoing investigation. Upon completing the check, the firearm was found to be legal and registered. The two individuals were informed that they weren’t allowed to use firearms in this area and were let off with a warning.