News Quiz 1/17


Lola Gomez / Tribune News Service

Luna and Nova rest together inside their new habitat at the Dallas Zoo on Sept. 8, 2021.

1. What has a recent study by the University of California and Stanford University found a potential COVID-19 cure for?
A. Loss of taste
B. Loss of breath
C. Loss of smell
D. Body aches

2. What was spread across the I-15 highway last Thursday after a semi truck lost its load?
A. Sheet metal
B. Wooden logs
C. Oranges
D. Cardboard

3. Classified documents were found in which government official’s home?
A. Kevin McCarthy
B. Joe Biden
C. Kamala Harris
D. Nancy Pelosi

4. What led the Dallas Zoo to close on Jan. 13?
A. A leopard escaped its enclosure
B. An elephant broke out of its enclosure
C. A fire broke out at the adjacent restaurant
D. A pipe burst in one of the mechanical rooms

1. The answer is C, Loss of Smell. According to KSL, a team of researchers have figured out a way to use blood products from the patient’s own body to help cure the COVID symptom loss of smell. Patients received a nasal injection of platelet-rich plasma from their own blood. They were 12.5 times more likely to improve than the control group.

2. The answer is A, Sheet metal. According to KUTV, a semi truck lost its load of sheet metal. The metal sheets also punctured the truck’s gas tank. Three lanes on the NB I-15 were blocked by the debris. No one was injured.

3. The answer is B, Joe Biden. According to the Standard Examiner, classified documents were found in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home. The documents were from his time as the Vice President, serving under Barack Obama. The Justice Department is investigating the sensitive documents.

4. The answer is A, A leopard escaped its enclosure. According to CNN, a clouded leopard was missing from its exhibit. The zoo confirmed that the animal was not dangerous and that they are categorized as vulnerable animals, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.