Police Blotter 12/01

Mystery scream
On Nov. 15, WSUPD was informed by a complainant that they had heard a female voice scream and possibly call out for help somewhere in the vicinity of the University Village dorms. WSUPD officers arrived on the scene and heard the sound of a female yelling, concluding that the sound must’ve either originated from the dorms or from the fields south of the dorm buildings. WSUPD contacted Weber County Sheriff’s Office to ask for assistance in the form of a drone operator. A WCSO deputy then arrived at the scene and checked the area with a drone, finding nothing suspicious. All units except for one WSUPD officer cleared the area.
Later, camera footage from the area indicated that the source of the screaming may have been two female individuals who had been caught on camera embracing and acting excitedly.

Hit and run
WSUPD are currently looking for information on a dark-colored Hyundai SUV that struck a student riding a bicycle on Nov. 16 in a hit-and-run incident. The accident happened while the student was using the crosswalk near the information booth on 3900 S. Dixon Dr. at around 5:30 p.m. The victim sustained severe injuries, which included the misplacement of an unknown number of vertebrae in their back.

Handicap phony
On Nov. 17, WSUPD was made aware by parking services that there had been a student who had been repeatedly parking in handicap spots on campus with a placard that does not belong to them. Further investigation revealed that the handicap placard being used on the offending vehicle belongs to an individual who is currently out of state, leaving the driver of the offending vehicle without any legally valid excuse to be using it. The student driving the offending vehicle has been identified but has appeared to have been avoiding WSUPD’s attempts to make contact with them.

Stolen backpack
On Nov. 17, A student left a backpack unattended in a chair on the first floor of Elizabeth Hall so they could go use the bathroom. Some time after leaving for the bathroom and leaving their backpack unattended, the student noticed that their backpack had gone missing. WSUPD is currently reviewing video footage in an ongoing attempt to locate the missing backpack.

Locked out?
On Nov. 19, a WSUPD officer was dispatched to help construction workers who were trying to get into the Student Services Center. However, upon arriving on the scene, the responding officer noticed that the door to the outside was already unlocked. The construction workers thanked the officer for responding.

Wattis building trespasser
A suspicious man was observed loitering in one of the Wattis building’s classrooms. The suspicious man was first observed in the classroom by the complainant who was cleaning the classroom on Nov. 18, the complainant asked the suspicious man to leave and left to continue his cleaning. On Nov. 19, WSUPD discovered that the suspicious man was a homeless man who had actually slept inside the Wattis building and asked the man to leave once again. WSUPD saw that the man was trespassed from WSU premises, meaning he is now prohibited from being on WSU premises.

Cheesy behavior
On Nov. 22, WSUPD responded to a suspicious vehicle call in the A2 parking lot. The complainant stated that people in a vehicle had thrown pieces of cheese at their driver’s-side window. The complainant also claimed they had attempted to leave the area, but the suspicious vehicle performed a U-turn and began to follow them. More information is being awaited.

Lost or stolen art fixture
On Nov. 23, Officers responded to a lost property incident at the Kimball Visual Arts Center. A large purple wall-desk fixture, that is used for the Kimball Arts Store, was placed outside in the west gallery loading dock of the building. The fixture was there for a number of days and was noticed to be missing the morning of Nov. 23. There are no cameras on that side of the building, and there is no suspect information at this time. Any oncoming information is appreciated and encouraged.

WSUPD met with an individual who was trying to get information on her WSU degree in the Student Services Center on Nov. 23. The individual stated that she attended school under a different name because she had been kidnapped and killed when she was 3 years old. She also claimed to have a list of different alias names, such as Lady Gaga and other famous names. The individual was also unable to give a time frame of when she attended WSU. The officer on the scene informed the individual that without a date of birth or name, WSU would not be able to locate any information of her attendance. The office then verified that the individual had a place to stay for the night and she left campus property. The individual did not seem like she was a danger to herself or others at the time. No further action was needed.

Suspicion at the Ice Sheet
On Nov. 23, WSUPD responded to a call regarding a suspicious person at the Weber County Ice Sheet. The complainant states the suspect is a 60-70 year old male that will take pictures of the 11-15 year-old female skaters. The suspect, allegedly, will give skaters rides home and buy them food. He is also believed to have photo albums of the skaters on his phone, with their names labeling the albums.

Broken ankle on isle Edvalson
Officers responded to a traumatic injury at 1450 Edvalson St. They arrived on scene and found the injured party on the north side of the road, with a broken ankle and bone exposed. The victim was unsure of how she crashed, only that she had overturned on a wiggle board while traveling downhill at a high rate of speed. She was then transported to the McKay-Dee Hospital by ambulance.

Get off our lawn!
On Nov. 26, Weber State Police Department responded to a trespassing incident at the Wattis Business building. An officer made contact with the suspect who was warned before. The suspect was given a trespass notice and was trespassed from all Weber State property. No further action was required.