Police Blotter 10/31 – 11/06

I want to ride their bicycle
On Nov. 1, WSUPD responded to a call about a bike being stolen from Wildcat village. The victim of the theft later saw the thief riding his bike in Riverdale, and reported this encounter to the local law enforcement. The thief was arrested on multiple charges and the bicycle was returned to its original owner.

Dumpster fire
On Nov. 1, a fire was started in a large trash receptacle outside the Student Service Center after a janitor had mistakenly thrown a still-ignited cigarette into it. No injuries were reported.

On Nov. 3, a WSUPD officer pulled over a reckless driver on Harrison Boulevard. The driver was pulled over for driving with a faulty tail light and for the “illegal use of horns and warning devices.” The driver was found to be intoxicated after submitting to an Intoxilyzer breath test. After being cited for faulty vehicle equipment, a moving violation and a DUI, the driver was released to his residence.

On Nov. 4, WSUPD responded to a case of stalking near the LDS institute building on campus. The victim reported that had been the victim of an assault on Sep. 2, after which the suspect reportedly began to stalk the victim. Upon responding to the situation, the suspect was served with a pre-existing protective order involving the victim. WSUPD also provided the victim with resources to help them establish contact with the women’s center.

OG un-X-clusive
On Nov. 6, WSUPD reported that two verbal warnings were given to individuals operating their vehicles on the OGX bus-only route. Individuals operating their vehicles on the OGX bus-only route have become a fairly commonly-reported instance.

Clean-up on aisle 5
On Nov. 8, officers responded to a traffic accident in the W5 parking lot on WSU’s Ogden campus. Vehicle 1 was driving northbound and turned eastbound down a parking aisle. Vehicle 2 was driving westbound down the same aisle and stopped when they reached the end. V1 turned wide to avoid a truck that was parked at the end of the stall, then they turned directly into V2, hitting V2 head on. Both cars were damaged; V1 had a crunched, broken passenger side fender, headlight and quarter panel, and V2 had a cracked front center fender with scrapes and bent inner metal. Both drivers exchanged information and denied medical attention.

Workplace harassment
On Nov. 9, WSUPD responded to an information law incident at the Weber County Ice Sheet. Officers found a string of texts that had been sent by one current employee to a former employee that the director of the Ice Sheet found concerning. The officers found that the suspect had a protective order against him from another victim due to similar actions. The victim said she thought his texts were sent while he was at home in Syracuse and that she did not want to press charges at this time.

A threatening time
On Nov. 9, a threat was reported to WSUPD through the Safe UT messaging system. Officers found that a student was making threats against other students and the school. Officers responded and escorted the suspect to NUAMES offices. The threat was assessed and officers talked to witnesses and the suspect. The suspect was a juvenile and his parents were called.

Social media harassment
On Nov. 10, a WSUPD officer got information of a student getting harassing messages because of a social media post. Officers confirmed that the harassment occurred off campus and then put the victim in contact with the local jurisdiction so they can handle the case moving forward.

A clean hit
On Nov. 11, WSUPD responded to a suspicious circumstance at the Browning Center. The suspect was reported to have hit someone multiple times with a custodial mop cart in the elevator. The officer gave the suspect a trespassing notice.

Ouch! My kidneys!
On Nov. 11, a WSU student was having abdominal and back pain due to kidney stones. Medical officers evaluated her condition, but she refused to be transported by them. The police officer assisted her vehicle to the front of the Browning Center where she was then picked up and taken home.

Let me out!!!
On Nov. 12, WSUPD responded to a burglary alarm at the Weber County Ice Sheet. A WSU police officer made contact with an individual who had exited the building and told the officer that someone was locked inside and they had opened the door to exit the building. The officer located an open door and conducted a search of the building. Dispatch confirmed the information provided by the WSUPD officer with Mountain Alarm.

Breakin’ down the door
On Nov. 13, WSUPD responded to a trespassing call at the Automotive Technology Building at the Davis Campus. When officers arrived, they found two juveniles inside the locked building. Upon further investigation, officers verified that the building doors on the west side of the building weren’t locking properly. Officers directed the juveniles to leave the building, and the case was closed out.