Coaching the campus community

Home to academic support, room 101 in Tracy Hall is filled with students.

Taking multiple classes with demanding work, both inside and outside of class, can make college intimidating. Students at Weber State University can also join clubs or on-campus groups, which adds to their daily tasks and responsibilities.

To top it off, students have jobs and a life outside of college. It can often feel like students are drowning in a mess of papers, emails and books. However, WSU also provides an academic peer coaching program for handling this type of stress and confusion.

Academic peer coaching is a WSU program that provides students with a connection to other experienced students to help guide and assist in all things related to college.

Unlike tutoring, academic peer coaching isn’t subject specific, instead focusing on giving students guidance in time and money management, studying and procrastination, as well as many other topics.

Coaching is provided in one-on-one sessions between students and their coach, either in-person, online, or even over text. Coaches and students can meet at a WSU campus or strictly virtually if preferred.

Katie Ewell, an academic peer coach, explained how the coaches aid students in coming to their own realizations to further cement solutions. The mentors find the program not only beneficial to the students they coach, but also to themselves.

“I really like the idea of helping other students … so I saw it benefiting me to take that job,” Noah Bridge, an academic peer coach, said.

Bridge also commented on how his assistance helped a previous student who struggled with taking efficient notes. Bridge helped them find a solution that resulted in an improvement in their grades.

“They were just so ecstatic and super grateful for this new mindset of note-taking and not having to rewrite their entire textbook,” Bridge said.

In addition to the one-on-one sessions provided, WSU’s academic peer coaches also host a blog, and most recently, a podcast. These avenues serve as great options for students who may not have time or would rather not have the meetings, but still would like some useful guidance.

The podcast titled “College Opportunities and Cultivating Habits” currently has two episodes, with new ones being produced every Monday. The podcast came about as a step forward for the coaches and their goal of assisting students.

“We wanted to find something to go to the next level of connecting with students,” Bridge said. “… The podcast just seemed like such a neat idea to really connect with students on a personal level since you get to hear our voices.”

The blog covers many of the topics previously mentioned as well as other more specific tips, such as study groups, testing, online classes and more.

Students can schedule appointments with an academic peer coach on the WSU website under “Academic Peer Coaching.” They also have resources listed on their website, such as links to their blog and podcast.