Police Blotter 10/13

There have been multiple vehicle burglaries in University Village. The suspect is seen on camera footage breaking into dozens of cars in the UV parking lots. The subject is also believed to drive a red four-door sedan. WSUPD suggests that everyone parking on campus property should keep their doors locked and to report any sight of the suspect and their vehicle.

Lit at the Ice Sheet
Campus police located a twenty-year-old individual in possession of alcohol while attending a WSU hockey game at the Ice Sheet on Oct. 8. The subject was verbally warned and released to a sober friend.

Hit and run
Officers responded to a hit and run at the Dee Event Center parking lot on Oct. 8. The officers spoke with the complainant and completed an accident report. The case is still open to find more info on the suspect.

Awkward traffic stop
WSUPD observed a suspicious vehicle driving out of the UTA OGX bus-only lane on Oct. 8. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the south side of the Dee Event Center parking lot. They found that the individuals inside the vehicle were WSU students and on the basketball team. While the officer was retrieving information from the subjects, a WSU basketball coach approached to check on the teammates.
The coach was advised that the subjects were alright and that he needed to stand to the side, away from the traffic stop. The coach reportedly walked away slowly from the officer and stood in the middle of the roadway. The officer allowed this to avoid making a scene and because there were no vehicles coming as the traffic stop was wrapping up.
WSUPD returned to the vehicle, where the subjects were laughing and not taking the matter seriously. The students were advised they would be let off with a warning but with no exception next time this happens.

Another hit and run…
WSU officers responded to a hit and run call for service on Oct. 7. The complainant advised they had parked their vehicle in the WSU LDS Institute parking lot when an unknown vehicle struck theirs. There is no suspect information at this time and the case is still open for a further follow up.

Stay back, man
Campus police received a call to assist at the campus Women’s Center on Oct. 6. An individual spoke with an officer regarding a letter that was sent from a male individual. It is believed he sent the letter in an effort to contact the complainant. An assistant to a department received the letter and forwarded it on, inside an envelope with a WSU address. The complainant was concerned that the male had come to campus and retrieved the WSU envelope. A protective order against the subject is pending.

Do you go here?
Officers responded to a call about a suspicious individual on Oct. 5. After arriving on scene, officers could not locate the suspect. WSU staff has been noticing the individual come around more often, usually sitting in areas that are mainly for students waiting for professors in their office area. Each time the subject has been approached, he acts like he does not know English. He will speak to staff in English until he recognizes he is doing so and switches to Spanish.
The suspect has not been aggressive or violating any laws. Campus buildings are open to the community, as explained to questioning staff members. The suspect is a tall, thin white male with white hair and is typically seen wearing t-shirts, jeans and a red backpack.

What are you going to use that for?
WSUPD were advised by email of a theft that occurred prior at the WSU Disc Golf course on Oct. 5. One of the disc golf baskets was removed from its fixed location. There is no suspect information or cameras in the area to determine who stole the basket. The case will be closed and reopened if more information is brought forward.

These kids are wildin’
WSU officers were informed of an assault that happened in the D13 parking lot at the WSU Davis campus on Oct. 5. Campus cameras show an individual get out of a vehicle and approach another individual in the parking lot. The first subject reached out and jabbed a taser into the other subject’s back. The two individuals then took off running around the vehicles in the parking lot.
Once they broke away from each other, the second individual pointed a toy gun at the first as he collected his belongings off the ground. All involved parties were identified as underaged and the “weapons” were confiscated.

NUAMES incident
Campus police were informed on Oct. 5 by the Northern Utah Academy of Math, Engineering and Science that a complainant had reported someone inappropriately touching them. Officers spoke with NUAMES admins and looked at security footage of the area. WSUPD have not talked to the individuals involved at this time.

You play too much
Officers responded to Wildcat Village on a report of harassment on Oct. 4. After speaking with the parties involved, officers found that multiple WSU students took part in a prank that involved knocking on another student’s dorm room door and asking them a question. WSUPD spoke with the suspects and warned them of their actions. WSU housing will be meeting with the complainant to conduct a follow up.

Spare change?
WSUPD were dispatched to a suspicious circumstance where an unknown individual asked another student for money on Oct. 4. The complainant clarified that the individual stated he owed him money, persisted to ask for money and appeared to be homeless. Officers searched the area and checked surveillance footage for the suspect, but found nothing. No further action has been taken at this time.