Police Blotter 9/22

Parking problems at the Dee Events Center, and all over campus, are rising as more people fill in the parking lots. Students are parking along sidewalks lined with red for emergency vehicles, not parking straight and parking in spaces that are not labeled as available parking. This is mostly happening on the west side of the Dee Events Center. Individuals parking and driving on campus cannot drive in the OGX transit lane. Driving in the lane of the bus is dangerous for the OGX and other drivers in the area.

Car crash at Davis
Campus police assisted Ogden Police Department on Sept. 19 with a car crash at the Weber State University Davis campus. WSU officers assisted in traffic control as Clearfield police cleared the scene. WSUPD provided OPD with video evidence of the crash from the Davis campus and both parties’ explanations of the crash were confirmed. No further action was taken on behalf of WSUPD.

Rollover car crash
The WSUPD assisted OPD with a rolled-over car in traffic on Sept. 18. Statements were handed out and witnesses were gathered. Citizens were also assisting in traffic control and were relieved by WSUPD. Tow trucks arrived and the scene was cleared.

Partying on a Sunday?
Campus officers responded to a party disturbance in University Village building one. The complainant informed a resident assistant of loud music and alcohol consumption happening in the dorm room. Officers arrived at the room and confirmed all occupants were 21 years old. WSUPD did not see any alcohol or containers for campus-restricted substances. All individuals on the scene were informed of WSU policy and the scene was cleared, no further action was needed.

Not the time, nor the place
WSUPD observed an intoxicated individual stumbling down the bleachers of the Stewart Stadium during the home football game on Sept. 17. Officers apprehended the individual and were able to locate the subject’s family. The family was advised that if this were to occur again, citations would be issued to the subject. No further action was needed.

A close call
Campus police assisted an Ogden police officer with an armed male in front of the emergency room entrance of the Mckay Dee Hospital on Sept. 16. The OPD apprehended the individual and took the firearm into their custody. The subject was then handled by Ogden police and no further action was needed.

Hit & Dip
WSUPD responded to a hit and run in the A2 campus parking lot on Sept. 16. The victim was originally parked in the A6 lot but did not notice any damage to their vehicle until they parked in the A2 lot. The case will be closed due to the lack of campus video evidence and suspect information.

Campus police also responded to another hit and run on Sept. 16 in the W4 campus parking lot. The complainant was not in their vehicle at the time of the incident. This case will also be closed due to the lack of campus video evidence and viable suspect information.