Police Blotter 9/15

Kitchen accident
Weber State University officers were dispatched to Residence Hall 3 regarding a hemorrhage from a cut finger on Sept. 11. The individual was making food in the community kitchen when they accidentally cut their finger. The officer on scene helped stop the bleeding while medical services arrived. The individual was cleared by medical and released shortly after.

Cool tricks, cool tricks
A campus police officer responded to a group of bikers doing tricks on the WSU Central Station ramps and steps in front of the Browning Center on Sept. 10. The officer made contact with the individuals and stated the campus policy for such behavior. The bikers departed and no further action was taken.

Crash & Dash
Officers received a call on Sept. 9 about a hit-and-run at Wildcat Village on Sept. 9. Officers arrived on scene and documented damage to the victim’s vehicle. The officer could not find any additional video evidence of the damaging collision. The case is still open and being further investigated.

It’s getting hot in here…
Campus police received a call on Sept. 9 about a couple engaging in intimate contact in their vehicle that was parked in the W4 lot near the football stadium. The individuals had clothes on when officers arrived and the male was prompted to step out of the vehicle. He then confirmed that the accompanying female was his friend, and they both claimed the contact was consensual. Both parties were warned and advised to find a more private space to engage in such contact.

Where’d my bike go?
WSU police responded to a call on Sept. 9 in regards to a stolen bike from University Village Building 1. The victim stated that when they left to go on a trip out of town, the bicycle was locked up on the railing of the north exterior staircase. The victim noticed the bike was missing when they returned from their trip. The bike is reportedly the victim’s grandparents’, and they could not provide a brand or serial number of the bike. Video evidence has been reviewed, but a suspect cannot be determined at this time. The case is still open, and the investigation is furthering.

It’s a dry campus, bro
A call was made to campus police on Sept. 8 about a drug violation at Wildcat Village. The suspect admitted to using marijuana and handed officers the rest. The officers advised the suspect of the law and did not criminally charge the suspect due to compliance. Resources were then provided to the suspect on how to get a medical marijuana card for the state of Utah. No further action was taken on the individual and they were turned over to WSU housing.

Student faints in Tracy Hall
On Sept. 8, a student was feeling faint while in class at Tracy Hall and hit their head on a desk. The individual stated how they were feeling when they started to feel faint and laid on the floor so as to not suddenly collapse. Officers arrived and helped the student from a lying position to a sitting position on the floor against the wall of the classroom. The student was then cleared and no further action was necessary.