Police blotter 9/13

Throwing hands on Nancy Drive
Campus police received a call on Aug. 29 about physical altercations on Nancy Drive in South Ogden. Groups of people were said to be escalating a fight with a potential firearm present. Campus officers arrived on the scene and found a female having a panic attack and a male bleeding from his face and mouth. It is also reported that the injured male declined medical attention. South Ogden police then arrived and handled the investigation from there.

Rising heat bites back
The Weber State Police Department received a medical call on Aug. 29 about an individual feeling unwell due to the outside heat. An officer arrived and placed the individual in the patrol vehicle. The officer then provided them with water and air conditioning until medical support could arrive. The Ogden City Fire Department then arrived and transported the individual to the McKay-Dee Hospital.

Trouble in traffic
South Ogden police officers were dispatched to 5808 S. Harrison St. for a traffic accident. Police arrived to find both involved parties arguing, and more police units were requested from WSUPD. Statements and forms were given to a couple who witnessed the crash. The scene was then cleared with no personal injury to either of the involved parties.

Felons with weapons
The WSUPD assisted SOPD with a weapons disturbance on 4029 S. Riverdale Road. Campus police arrived and assisted with making a felony stop of the vehicle and took involved individuals into custody.