Spotting a space to study

Many seats are on the second floor of the Shepherd Union for students who need a place to study. (Kennedy Camarena/ The Signpost)

As the new school year begins and classes open with intense workloads, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. However, finding the perfect place to study and work on assignments can lessen the weight of these burdens.

Here is a selection of The Signpost recommended spots to focus and get to studying.

If you are looking for a quiet and serene study space, the Stewart Library is perfect. The second floor offers a student lab set up with multiple computers, printers, hole punches, staplers, anything you might find yourself needing here at Weber State. The second floor also offers a few group study rooms for any partner projects you may find yourself in this semester.

A personal favorite of The Signpost is the third floor of the library. There are many open desks and areas to study but also a range of places tucked away into corners and behind shelves for a more private study session.

If the library still doesn’t sound like the place for you, try the Tracy Hall Science Center. Sound isn’t regulated in Tracy Hall, so students can expect a more flexible experience with students coming and going between classes.

Multiple floors offer study nooks and tables to work on and whiteboards available on the main level of the atrium. Tracy Hall also has a computer lab similar to the one found in the Stewart Library. Additionally, the building’s interior holds one of the more unique designs on campus and the perfect study companion, a Starbucks.

Another popular option is the Shepherd Union Building. Shepherd Union is always full of life and students during the semester. This place never truly quiets down like the previous two options.

The second floor offers tons of comfortable chairs and spaces to just relax between classes or study. You can also find multiple vending machines and food options during the day if you ever get hungry while working. They also provide a gaming area on the first floor if you are in need of a break and want to destress or make some new friends.

If you prefer not to be indoors and want some fresh air, Weber’s campus has plenty of open study spaces outdoors. There are tons of spots of grass to rest or work on during warmer months alongside benches and tables scattered about the campus. The small bunch of tables just behind the Shepherd Union building also has power outlets if you find yourself in need of a charge.

A few other places to study could be at home or your dorm room. Wasatch hall has its own study rooms that are very quiet and private for any residents. If studying in your room or at home, we recommend making the space yours. Try decorating it to make it a more enjoyable experience and less of a hassle to study. It helps to return to a nice looking space rather than an empty desk.

Try any of these options and see which one fits you. Or perhaps even change it up. You don’t ever have to select just one — all of them provide specific and yet open experiences to any student, returning or new. Just explore wherever you’re called and see where you find the best results for your own personal growth.