It’s the history books for Shaheed

Emily Miller

Rashid Shaheed made history as the Weber State Wildcats defeated the Idaho State Bengals 40–17 on Oct. 30 in Pocatello, Idaho.

Rashid Shaheed running down the field with the football.
Rashid Shaheed runs down the field with the football. Photo credit: WSU Athletics

The Wildcats found their first scoring opportunity of the game after Bronson Barron found Shaheed in the end zone for a 36-yard touchdown. Kyle Thompson’s attempt for the extra point was good and the ‘Cats led 7–0 with 10:31 remaining in the first quarter.

Shortly after Weber State’s first score of the game, Thompson found himself putting the next three points on the board after attempting a 22-yard field goal with 5:04 remaining. The ‘Cats led 10–0 headed into the second quarter.

The Bengals’ first successful attempt of putting points on board was after ISU’s kicker, David Allish, kicked a 37-yard field goal with 9:26 remaining in the first half.

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The Wildcats were quick to answer back after Kris Jackson ran for two yards into the end zone and alongside Thompson’s attempt for the extra point. WSU established their lead 17–3 with 3:13 on the clock.

The Bengals weren’t done yet, and with a little over a minute left in the second quarter, Hunter Hays connected to Jared Scott for a 16-yard touchdown. The extra point was good and the Bengals entered halftime trailing 17–10.

Shaheed started the third quarter with a 25-yard return to the Weber State 40-yard line. The possession started with Barron finding Shaheed for a 35-yard pass for a first down.

The ‘Cats brought Thompson out for a 37-yard field goal that pushed Weber State to 20–10 with 12:50 remaining in the third quarter.

Idaho State’s first possession of the second half didn’t bring any scoring opportunities for the Bengals.

Kevin Ryan was brought out to punt for the Bengals and Shaheed had a fair catch at the WSU 12-yard line.

Sione Lapuaho tackles the ISU player rushing the ball.
Sione Lapuaho tackles the ISU player rushing the ball. Photo credit: WSU Athletics

The first three plays for the ‘Cats included two rushing yards from Dontae McMillan, 13 rushing yards from Creyton Cooper and Jackson with seven rushing yards.

Barron completed a pass to Ty MacPherson for nine yards at the Weber State 43-yard line.

Idaho State’s Jayden Dawson intercepted Barron’s pass and returned it for a 45-yard touchdown, cutting the ‘Cats’ lead to 20–17.

What looked to be a momentum changer for the Bengals was quickly shut down by what Shaheed does best. Shaheed was able to complete a 98-yard kickoff return for the Wildcats, pushing Weber State to 27–17.

The kickoff tallied Shaheed’s seventh career kickoff return and is now a new FCS record.

Weber State player braces for impact between two ISU players.
A Weber State player braces for impact between two ISU players. Photo credit: WSU Athletics

“I couldn’t be more happy for Rashid Shaheed,” Hill said. “That’s a huge deal. There’s not many times you get to be the NCAA all-time leader of something.”

The Wildcats scored on their next possession after Jackson rushed for a 1-yard touchdown, pushing the ‘Cats to 34–17 with 13:02 remaining.

With 5:32 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Bengals didn’t find any success, leading them to punt to the Wildcats.

Naseme Colvin blocked the punt from Ryan, and it was recovered by Winston Reid for a Wildcat touchdown, furthering Weber State’s lead to the final score of the game, 40–17.

George Tarlas in pursuit to tackle the ISU quarterback.
George Tarlas in pursuit to tackle the ISU quarterback. Photo credit: WSU Athletics

Barron led the team with 204 passing yards, and Cooper collected 12 yards.

Cooper led the squad with 59 rushing yards, Dave Jones collected 38 yards and McMillan was close behind with 35 yards.

Shaheed had 88 receiving yards, MacPherson had 35 and Haze Hadley collected 24 yards.

Jared Schiess led the defense with six tackles and one sack. Desmond Williams and Preston Smith both had 5 tackles each.

The ‘Cats are set to host Portland State on Nov. 6 at Stewart Stadium.