Do you know your news? Feb. 19

Joshua Kamp

1. U.S. fast-food workers went on strike this week in 15 cities to force action on what issue?

a. Minimum wage

b. Workplace safety

c. Workplace equality

d. Healthcare

2. A dramatic decline of COVID-19 cases in which country has left experts stumped?

a. United States

b. United Kingdom

c. India

d. Russia

Image from Pixabay
On Feb. 13, former President Donald Trump was acquitted in Senate impeachment trial for the second time. (Image from Pixabay)

3. Former President Donald Trump was acquitted in his second senate impeachment trial. How many Republican senators voted to convict him for inciting the violence of Jan. 6?

a. Four

b. Five

c. Six

d. Seven

4. What is the name of the winter storm that pounded the U.S. this week with heavy snow and ice, leaving Texas in a state of emergency?

a. Victor

b. Uri

c. Wyatt

d. Veronica

Image from Pixabay
Texas has been hit with a winter storm that has caused record-breaking cold temperatures, snowfall and power outages. (Image from Pixabay


1. The correct answer is A, Minimum wage. According to the Guardian, workers at some fast-food chains and nursing homes went on strike on Feb. 16 to demand an increase in minimum wage. Some held signs that read, “Fight for $15,” the name of an international movement advocating for higher wages.

2. The correct answer is C, India. According to the Associated Press, the country is now reporting around 11,000 new cases per day, compared to a peak of nearly 100,000. The reasons for the sharp decline are still unclear.

3. The correct answer is D, Seven. According to NPR, two of the republicans who voted against Trump are set to retire and only one, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski is up for reelection next year.

4. The correct answer is B, Uri. According to, the storm has had damaging effects nationwide. Texas received record-breaking snowfall and the coldest temperature in decades in some cities, while suffering widespread power outages.