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Photos of a Wildcard scanner to grant access into the building.

Digital Wildcard woes

Lucas Moore, Reporter September 7, 2023

As the fall semester of Weber State University begins, issues are emerging during the process of switching from physical Wildcard IDs to a digitalized alternative. WSU students, especially those residing...

Photos of a Wildcard scanner to grant access into the building.

Dificultades con la Wildcard digital

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor September 7, 2023

A medida que comienza el semestre de otoño en Weber State University, van surgiendo problemas durante el proceso de cambio de las identificaciones físicas Wildcard a una alternativa digitalizada. Los...

Masood Parvania, associate professor at the University of Utah and the director of Utah Smart Energy Laboratory, gave a seminar on Oct. 5 about sustainable energy.

A shocking seminar

Coby Crisler, Reporter October 13, 2022

On Oct. 5, attendees gathered as professors from the University of Utah dove into a seminar, titled “Charging Infrastructure for Electrified Transportation,” to discuss a future of clean, sustainable...

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Digital dating: love, lust and leisure at your fingertips

Francisco Ruiz January 4, 2020

The glow of the phone screen seemed to hypnotize Brock Mayhew. The swift movement of his thumb, swiping left or right, was the only indication he was exerting some effort in the task. Countless pictures...

According to National Sexual Violence Research Center, 20% of women are sexually assaulted while in college. (Sara Parker / The Signpost)

Safety doesn’t happen by accident

Chris Nichols June 12, 2017

Move over pepper spray. A new type of technology is making its way in the world of safety on college campuses. Several tech companies are promoting new “safety devices,” intended to help campus...

WSU hosts FIRST Tech Challenge

March 2, 2014

High school students from all over Utah came to Weber State University to compete in this year’s FIRST Tech Challenge, FTC Block Party, on Feb. 22. The FIRST Tech Challenge is a robotics program found...

Sci-Fi Heroine: 2013 holiday season's top tech toys for kids

November 23, 2013

Every year, parents attempt to get the best and coolest toys for their kids without breaking their budgets. Not every parent can afford to give their kid the new PS4 or Xbox One. So, for those parents...

Wildcat Tech Expo to focus on student connection

October 13, 2012

The Wildcat Tech Expo will return this year with more vendors in attendance and more tech classes, which means more prizes to be given away. Tyler Cahoon, manager of Wildcat Tech, said the expo is an...

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