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Opinion: Writing killing into the curriculum

Opinion: Writing killing into the curriculum

Jennifer Greenlee March 1, 2021

Woodshop. English. Math. Firearm training. This is what high school students' class options might look like next semester if HB 258 passes the Utah House of Representatives and Senate and is signed...

(Rick Mason / Unsplash)

LEGO robots invade WSU

Kainoa Nunez February 6, 2019

Elementary and middle school students gathered in the Shepherd Union Ballroom on Feb. 2 to participate in the Utah FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Competition. In this event, children ages six to 18 researched...

Zombie Thoughts can happen to anyone

“Zombie Thoughts” can happen to anyone

Hillary Reilly October 11, 2018

PLAN-B Theater Company showcased "Zombie Thoughts," a children’s play portraying general anxiety disorder through a virtual video game world, on Oct. 8 at Weber State University. The play has...


Kids create contraptions to dish out breakfast

Chris Nichols January 13, 2018

Weber State University will host a live Rube Goldberg-machine-building contest on Jan. 19. A Rube Goldberg machine is a purposely complicated contraption that uses multiple materials sequentially activated...

Geek in Gear: What top geeky TV shows can teach us

June 10, 2013

Someone told me once that too much TV is a bad thing and a waste of time. While I certainly agree that sitting for hours at a time with little movement and lots of junk food isn’t doing your heart or...

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