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Children setting up and launching paper rockets during Physics and Friends on Oct. 6.

Fuera de este mundo

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor October 10, 2023

En el segundo piso de Lind Lecture Hall, los estudiantes, profesores y miembros de la comunidad de Weber State University pueden encontrar el Planetario Ott. "Cuando teníamos el laboratorio de ciencias...

Physics Professor Adam Johnston introducing John Armstrong, the director of the planetarium at WSUs Ogden campus.

The art of the matter

Terra Bell, Reporter February 9, 2023

John Armstrong, a professor of astronomy and physics and the director of Ott Planetarium, discussed the differences and similarities between learning physics and learning the arts in a physics seminar...

The three speakers of the seminar gathered to chat about space on Feb. 2. Photo credit: Adam Montgomery

Diving deeper into space

Adam Montgomery February 9, 2022

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Weber State University met on Feb. 2 to discuss the James Webb Space Telescope. Launched in December, the telescope is a $10 billion infrared telescope that allows...

NEW YORK - JUNE 7: American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson attends an FYC event for National Geographics StarTalk at Metrograph on June 7, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Anthony Behar/National Geographic/PictureGroup/Sipa USA)

Science idols inspire Wildcat faculty

Zac Watts November 15, 2018

Like any professional endeavor, good science is often the result of collaboration, mentorship and inspiration. Sometimes, these influencers are prominent scientists, sometimes personal mentors. Dr....

Photo credit: Zachary Williams

Weber State professor makes astronomical impact

J. Michael Bailey September 8, 2017

Weber State Physics professor and astronomy enthusiast Dr. Stacy Palen has been busy lately with a TEDx appearance, a speech at Astrocon 2017 and a featured spot in a astronomy documentary. Dr....

Lise Meitner dedicated her life studies to radioactivity and contributed to the discovery of nuclear fission. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Women in science, snubbed by history

Kellie Plumhof March 14, 2017

Women have made abundant contributions to science, but there is a serious lack of knowledge about these contributions and the women themselves.For example, when you peer up into the night sky, you may...

Like it or not, it's home

Tanoya Poulsen October 14, 2015

In October 1957 the USSR sent Sputnik, the first satellite, in space to orbit the Earth. In 1961 the first human journeyed to space, followed in 1969 by the first man on the moon. We’ve sent rovers...

Scientists discover Sun's sibling

June 16, 2014

Stars are born in huge litters which gradually spread out over time. Our sun is thought to have between 1,000 and 10,000 siblings, none of which have been discovered until now. Star HD 162826 is part...

Professor presents supernovae research

April 5, 2012

Professor Tabetha Hole from East Tennessee State University visited Weber State University on Monday and presented her published research on the phenomena known as supernovae, or exploding stars. Her research...

Student's research reaches the stars

September 8, 2011

Spencer Hatch, a Weber State University student studying physics, gave a seminar Wednesday on his gamma ray research. Since the beginning of summer, Hatch has been collaborating with the University of...

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