Ogden kicks off Twilight Concert Series

Hundreds of people filled the Ogden Amphitheater Thursday June 4th for the city’s first Twilight Concert Series.

The first installment of this concert series brought a large crowd and even bigger morale. Fans of Sego, Lo Fang and Built to Spill jammed out all evening in the local venue.

According to Ogden Amphitheater’s website, the Twilight Concert Series is “about the most fun you can have for $5.”

The announcement for the concert was made on May 1, tickets going on sale around the same time. There will be three more concerts this month on the 11, 18 and 25. Tickets for Ogden’s Twilight Concert Series will be available at all Graywhale Entertainment stores.

UTA is a big part of the concert series, helping relieve concert-goers’ anxiety about traffic or parking.

“You can ride UTA trains and buses to any of the Ogden Twilight concerts using your concert ticket as fare. Just show your same-day concert ticket and enjoy a stress-free ride on us,” UTA’s website said.

To celebrate the first time this series has been in Ogden, UTA gave away VIP tickets to Thursday’s concert, and are offering ones to the upcoming concert on June 11. UTA gave away 10 free tickets at FrontRunner stations last week.

Local citizens of Ogden all came out to support the community. When asked about the importance of events like the Twilight Concert Series, community member Brenda Petty said they are, “100 percent.”

Similarly, community member Russ Wahlen came to the concert with friends.

“We’ve heard about it in years past, but have never attended so we came out,” Wahlen said.

The two main bands that played Thursday evening got the crowd excited. Built to Spill signed with Warner Bros. Entertainment in 1995. Twenty years from first signing with the record company, the band is set to return with a new album this year. The past two decades have made the band one of the country’s leading indie rock bands. The band is influenced by Dinosaur Jr., Neil Young, as well as Pavement. They use similar heavy and catchy guitar hooks in their music as some of these bands. Built to Spill has most recently released their album Untethered Moon with special Record Store Day deals back in April. Some of the most popular songs on the new album are “Never Be the Same” and “Living Zoo.”

Lo-Fang is a singer-songwriter and classically trained musician. His debut album was released last year and has travelled around the world playing his unique music. Lo Fang seamlessly swaps from guitar to violin throughout his set and balances the sounds well. Lo-Fang also spent the Spring of 2014 as the opening act to Lorde’s concerts. One of his most popular songs, “#88” was chosen by Lorde as one of her favorite songs of 2013. While he is a modern artist, he can’t shake his classical upbringing. This offers listeners a great experience live as well as on record.

With last Thursday’s concert going off without a hitch, the next few concerts will be greatly anticipated. Perhaps Built to Spill’s high energy will spill over into the next three shows.