Storm provided a commute to remember

(Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)
Students head into the Shepherd Union Tuesday morning after a difficult commute to Weber State’s campus. (Lichelle Jenkins/ The Signpost)

Tuesday’s snowstorm seemed to affect nearly everyone on campus. Here’s what some students said about their travels through the snow.

  • Sophomore Dempsey Sisson, commuting from Coalville

“I had to get up a little bit earlier, so I wouldn’t have to die in the snow,” she said. “It usually takes me about 35-40 minutes. This time it took me an hour and ten minutes.”

She added that everybody was driving slowly, so there weren’t any accidents, except when she went through Morgan Canyon.

“I have to go through the Morgan canyon, and there were a couple wrecks up through there because there was a telephone wire that I guess fell,” she added.

  •  Freshman Amanda Jones, commuting from Pleasant View

“It was like bumper to bumper a lot of the way and super slushy a lot of the way,” Jones reported. “It took me an hour, and it usually takes like 20 minutes. ”

Jones also said she narrowly avoided an accident when she finally found a parking space by the stadium.

“A girl almost slid into me,” she said. “So the police came in and helped us park and find spots and stuff.”

  •  Junior Natalie Noorda, riding the bus up Highway 89

“The bus was late, so I was on the bus for maybe like an hour and then maybe ten minutes,” she said. “They weren’t letting people up 89 to Harrison.”

Even with the delay, Noorda was grateful for the weather in the long run.

“I don’t like the snow, but I’m happy about it,” she said, “I was really afraid for the moisture, and we weren’t getting any.”

  • Sophomore Aran Hines, driving in Ogden

“Being from Montana, I usually really like the snow. However, since it rarely snowed in Ogden this year, I took off my snow tires, so I felt very unsafe driving to school this morning.”

Hines was surprised school wasn’t canceled.

“There was so much snow that I had a hard time even pulling out of my driveway … The buses were not even running to Weber.”

  • Senior Trent Cox, commuting from Salt Lake City

“The snow turned my commute from a half hour into an hour and a half.”

Cox, from Southern Utah, said the snow is much needed.

“I think it’s beautiful, but it’s snowing at a weird time of the year, but we need it, so we don’t have a dry summer.”

  • Sophomore Cameron Livingston of Florida

“I enjoy the snow when it’s not touching me or if I’m not driving in it.”

Livingston said it’s too late in the year for snow.

“It’s almost spring time, and to me, that means tank tops, warm weather and flowers blooming—not waking up to inches of snow.”

  • Kylee Coates, commuting from Layton

“It took me an hour. Normally it takes me about 20 minutes, but today, it was horrible.”

  • Kira Dingman, commuting in Ogden.

“It took a bit longer to get to school, so I was a little late for class. There was a lot of traffic today, especially this morning.”

Rachel Badali, Kellie Plumhof, Cara Darr, Tess Piper, Heather Miya, Justin Holliday, Jin Elle and Jason Lumpris contributed to this story.