News Quiz 9/30

Kenlee East

1. What vegetable is being immediately threatened by the rising temperatures of climate change?

a. Corn

b. Beans

c. Avocado

d. Carrots

2. In which state was a news reporter kissed, without her consent, while filming a live news segment?

a. Utah

b. Kentucky

c. Illinois

d. Montana

3. In Virginia, what type of truck got stuck under an overpass?

a. Semi Truck

b. Toyota Corolla

c. News Truck

d. Ice Cream truck


4. How many lung injuries have been caused by vaping nationwide?

a. 50

b. 140

c. 300

d. 800



1. C. According to The New York Times, Scientists in the United States and Mexico have made plans to potentially modify the DNA of the avocado to help it survive disease or dry conditions.


2. B. An NBC news reporter in Kentucky was kissed while doing a live report. She later tweeted, “Hey mister, here is your 3 seconds of fame. How about you not touch me. Thanks!”

3. C. WAVY news said that one of their own news trucks hit an overpass. It cleared the first one and did not fit through the second one.

4. D. CNN said, “Hundreds more cases of vaping-related illness have been reported to the US Center for Disease Control and prevention.” 800 lung injuries have been reported due to vaping across 46 states and in the U.S. Virgin Islands. There have been 13 deaths linked to the outbreak.