News Quiz 9/16

Ashlynd Greenwood

1. What lunar event happened on Friday the 13 that made the legend even more mysterious?

a. Flower Moon

b. Harvest Moon

c. Blue Moon

d. Super Moon

Image from Pixabay

2. An elderly woman in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh gave birth to two twins. How old was she?

a. 66

b. 55

c. 74

d. 61

3. The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence built an AI that recently passed a what grade level science test?

a. 5th Grade

b. 6th Grade

c. 12th Grade

d. 8th Grade

4. Since July 2019 the Amazon rainforest has been on fire. How large is the area of burnt land?

a. 5.3 million acres

b. 6.1 million acres

c. 6.6 million acres

d. 4.7 million acres

Image from Pixabay

5. According to the Center for Disease Control how many cases of vaping related illness have occurred in 2019?

a. 257

b. 75

c. 190

d. 380

Image from Pixabay


1. b. Harvest Moon. The last time a harvest moon fell on Friday the 13th was in 2000, according to CBS. Full moons that fall close to the fall equinox are called “Harvest Moons.” Peak viewing time was midnight on Sept. 14.

2. c. 74. Mangayamma gave birth to twin daughters on Sept. 12, according to Hindustan Times. The twins were conceived through in vitro fertilization and were born through cesarean section. This officially made her the oldest person in the world to give birth.

3. d. 8th Grade. The AI, named Aristo, correctly answered 90 percent of the questions on an eighth grade multiple choice science exam, according to Vox. In addition to the eighth grade text, it scored an 80 percent on the 12th grade exam it was given and correctly answered 90% of the questions on the 8th grade science test. It also answered more than 80% of questions on the 12th grade exam correctly.

4. b. 6.1 million acres. According to CNN, the fires in the Amazon rainforest have burned a total of 6.1 million acres. Across Indonesia and Bolivia, more fires are burning plantations and protected natural areas and forests.

5. d. 380. The CDC is currently investigating vaping related illnesses that have shown up around the country in recent weeks, according to CBS. These illnesses have been linked across 36 states, but the number has dropped from the 450 cases that were cited last week. The illnesses resemble an inhalation injury. Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, diarrhea and vomiting.