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Mormon dating through trial and error

Mormon dating through trial and error

Chris Nichols June 22, 2018

As a young, single member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I will echo a sentiment felt by other singles: dating is the actual worst.Single members of the LDS church between the ages...

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Tales of a Mormon metalhead

Chris Nichols April 11, 2018

What do the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Cannibal Corpse have in common? I love them both. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormons, tend to have popular stereotypes: they all...

Outdoor recreation competition connects people to nature and to each other

Chris Nichols March 28, 2018

From an initial pool of 80 international submissions, 10 entrepreneurial hopefuls remained. Each group of presenters had spent months brainstorming ideas, developing products and working with mentors to...

(Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

Did your bracket hack it?

Chris Nichols March 23, 2018

It's become a yearly tradition for sports fans and non-sports fans alike to fill out an NCAA bracket for March Madness. However, it's more likely that a left-handed person will die from using a right-handed...

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Chuck Wight makes top three for ISU president

Chris Nichols March 21, 2018

Weber State University President Chuck Wight is among three final candidates under consideration for Idaho State University's president position.Wight, Boise State University vice president Kevin Satterlee...

President Chuck Wight allowed students to throw a pie in his face to help a campus fraternity. Photo credit: Chris Nichols

President Chuck Wight takes pies in the face for students

Chris Nichols February 27, 2018

Weber State University President Chuck Wight allowed students to throw a pie in his face for a fundraising event on February 27. The fundraiser was for campus fraternity Phi Gamma Lambda to spread knowledge...


Previews Feb. 20

Chris Nichols February 16, 2018

Deadline for WSUSA Candidacy SubmissionThe deadline for submitting a candidacy declaration in the 2018-2019 Weber State Student Association is Feb. 23 by 5 p.m. Available positions are in the Legislative...

Using literature, construction and dancing to understand math and science

Using literature, construction and dancing to understand math and science

Chris Nichols January 25, 2018

When students think of science class, they may imagine lectures about igneous rocks, physics equations or mitochondria. Several new classes at Weber State University are looking to demolish that thinking. Within...


Kids create contraptions to dish out breakfast

Chris Nichols January 13, 2018

Weber State University will host a live Rube Goldberg-machine-building contest on Jan. 19. A Rube Goldberg machine is a purposely complicated contraption that uses multiple materials sequentially activated...

The big topic at CES this year is 5G, which Xu Zhijun of Huawei speaks about here on Dec. 3, 2017 at the Fourth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China. (Zheng Huansong/Xinhua/Zuma Press/TNS)

The future’s so bright, you’ve got to wear VR glasses

Chris Nichols January 10, 2018

The International Consumer Electronics Show, also known as CES, is a technology trade show held annually that gives the public an opportunity to see soon-to-be released gadgets. The event this year is...

Technology Human Think Board Face Display Dummy

Robots, internet and online shopping: Upcoming technology in 2018

Chris Nichols January 6, 2018

Technology trends can display the awaited realization of predicted products from the past as well as objects users did not know they needed until it was released. In 2017, virtual reality headsets rose...

Graduates with a degree in engineering have career opportunities after college. (Flickr)

Abundant opportunities for engineering grads

Chris Nichols December 1, 2017

Engineering students spend their college careers learning how mechanics, technology and scientific interactions work. Once their time at a university is finished, the question arises: what can a student...

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