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Financial aid explained

Financial aid explained

Ashlynd Greenwood November 7, 2019

For many students, finding ways to pay for school is essential to the continuation of their education. Whether this is through academic scholarships, work-study programs, housing scholarships or receiving...

Being shaped by snow

Being shaped by snow

Ashlynd Greenwood October 16, 2019

Snow has always been an integral piece to the Utah’s ecosystems. Finding connections to the natural landscape is especially important to new author Ayja Bounous, whose entire life has been enveloped...

Stephan Jacob, cofounder of Cotopaxi (Israel Campa / The Signpost)

Empowerment through Sustainable Action

Ashlynd Greenwood October 13, 2019

Stephan Jacob, the founder of Cotopaxi, visited Weber State University students on Oct. 8th. Jacob visited as a part of the Weber Entrepreneur Lecture Series. Cotopaxi was developed in 2014 after Jacob...

Renowned primatologist and animal-rights activist Jane Goodall has a new book, Hope for Animals and Their World, a collection of conservation success stories.  (Akira Suwa/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT)

Mountain Towns 2030 Summit, with Jane Goodall and Paul Hawken

Ashlynd Greenwood October 4, 2019

Jane Goodall and Paul Hawken visited Park City on Oct. 2 for the Mountain Towns 2030 Net-Zero Summit. Goodall and Hawken left the audience with a beautiful message and sense of hope in regard to the current...

Marching against climate change

Marching against climate change

Ashlynd Greenwood September 25, 2019

Across the world, 4 million youth marched out of classrooms and onto the streets Sept. 20 to show that politicians had failed to begin to act on climate change. Organized by Greta Thunberg, the Global...

Image from Pixabay

News Quiz 9/16

Ashlynd Greenwood September 13, 2019

1. What lunar event happened on Friday the 13 that made the legend even more mysterious?a. Flower Moonb. Harvest Moonc. Blue Moond. Super Moon2. An elderly woman in the southern Indian state of Andhra...


The taste of Utah

Ashlynd Greenwood September 13, 2019

During the week of Sept. 7, Utah celebrated the Eat Local Week Challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to promote getting produce and food from local vendors and markets.Throughout the week, the community...

(Photo courtesy of Weber State College of Science)

Faculty bids farewell to Weber State

Ashlynd Greenwood April 12, 2019

Graduation is an accomplishment many students look forward to throughout their college careers. However, it can also be an exciting time for professors beginning a new journey to retirement. This semester,...

How Wildcats can stay wealthy and wise

How Wildcats can stay wealthy and wise

Ashlynd Greenwood April 4, 2019

When it comes to college, money can be sparse, and students may be familiar with looking at their bank accounts and finding it in the double, if not single, digits. However, Weber State University offers...

Author Brian Switek held up the skull of a hyena and asked the attendees to identify the unique features.  (Kelly Watkins / The Signpost)

‘Cats get a peek into ‘The Secret Life of Bone’

Ashlynd Greenwood March 29, 2019

The Weber State University community was invited to learn about their evolutionary origins on March 28 with the 206 bones of Brian Switek. Switek is the author of several critically acclaimed books about...

Paul Hawken, entrepreneur and author, delivers the keynote address of the conference. (Joshua Wineholt / The Signpost)

Teaching students different ways to be sustainable

Ashlynd Greenwood March 27, 2019

With the entirety of the Student Union third floor filled with conversation of change, adaptation and growth, students of Weber State University presented on renewable energy, water efficiency and other...

Going green for St. Patricks Day

Going green for St. Patricks Day

Ashlynd Greenwood March 22, 2019

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, the Ogden Nature Center hosted Going Green as part of their Wild Wednesdays program on March 13. The event was created to teach community members about all things...

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