Student senate censures WSUSA president

Chris Nichols

9-21 WSUSA Meeting (Emily Crooks)-2-2.jpg
Gregory Woodfield, Student Body President, directs the WSUSA executive board meeting on Wednesday, Sept 21. Woodfield has been noticeably absent from Senate meetings. (Emily Crooks / The Signpost)


On Jan. 9, the Weber State University Student Association Senate met to discuss recent issues presented to Student Body President Greg Woodfield concerning his meeting attendance and overall performance.

The Senate addressed problems in a vote of no confidence issued in a letter by the Senate to Woodfield.

The meeting’s call to order was at 2:32 p.m., and after some logistical topics, the Senate began questioning Woodfield.

President Woodfield addressed the concerns that the were raised in the vote of no confidence letter. He accepted full accountability for not being present and not addressing these issues sooner. He also apologized for all grievances brought to him.

Woodfield told the Senate he was dedicated to attending all Senate meetings and that the complications with the election committee had been cleared.

Jessica Cairo, Davis Campus Senator, emphasized that the vote of no confidence was issued to prevent future problems from arising.

Woodfield responded with appreciation for the letter of correction and hopes to improve in the future.

Janis Branca, Non-Traditional Student Senator, brought up that Woodfield had promised his attendance at meetings before but had not delivered on that promise.

In response to Brana’s concern, Woodfield confirmed that his current school schedule will allow his presence at the Senate’s Monday meetings.

Senator for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences Parker Hughes stressed the difference between being present for the entirety of the legislative process rather than the Service Team and Leadership meetings only.

The Senate then addressed a problem with communication between its members and the President.

Woodfield replied by saying that his office is open for Senate members to come and meet with him to address concerns or problems they might have with him or his office. He also mentioned that he has several concerns with the communication methods within the entirety of the WSUSA.

Cairo also asked if the President’s contract could include the responsibility of attendance at Senate meetings.

While President Woodfield mentioned that regular attendance at Senate meetings might be difficult, and a proxy could be arranged to keep leadership positions flowing together for the Senate.

With the majority of the meeting’s discussion being about the vote of no confidence presented in the letter, Woodfield made a final vow to rededicate himself to improve communication methods, his meeting attendance, and system of reporting.

After the questioning finished, Vice President Jeffrey Henry began talking about the Senate by-laws and Constitution. He specified that all Senate members need to review these documents and be well-versed in them.

Henry also discussed that his goal’s topic was to create a better culture for the Senate so that future members would not be subject to these same points of contention.

Senate members also brought up Woodfield’s graduation at the end of this semester so they could expect the position to be open summer semester.

The meeting adjourned at 3:47 p.m.