Five Crazy Headlines: Four dozen bananas, Pokemon violence and irony

Michael Grennell

Insert bananas, receive stolen gold chain

Police in Mumbai, India, force fed a thief 48 bananas last week in order to make him pass a gold chain he had swallowed.

On Wednesday night, 25-year-old Gopi R. Ghaware snatched a gold chain from a woman in a fish market and ran off before being tackled by local residents.

After being taken to a hospital for treatment, x-rays showed Ghaware had swallowed the chain. Police then forced Ghaware to eat four dozen bananas to make him excrete the gold chain. After the chain was retrieved, Ghaware was ordered to clean it before he was remanded to custody.

Source: Hindustan Times

Stab-proof vests: 60 percent of the time, they work every time

An Israeli reporter volunteered to be stabbed by the vice president of a body armor company during a TV report to show the effectiveness of the company’s new protective vests.

Turns out, it wasn’t very effective.

After a recent wave of attacks in Israel, Eitam Lachover was reporting on the body armor company when the demonstration went awry. Yaniv Montakyo stabbed Lachover in the back twice without incident, but on the third stab, the knife went through the vest and into Lachover’s back.

Lachover later wrote on Twitter that his injury was minor and only required some stitches.

Source: Independent

“Hey man, can you give me a ride?” “Sure, let me go steal a bus first.”

A 17-year-old boy from Oakville, Canada, is under arrest for stealing a school bus over the holidays that he then drove throughout the city.

Police were called to a Tim Hortons where three teens were seen getting out of the bus. After an investigation by police, they located the teens, arrested the 17-year-old boy and charged him with possession over $5,000.

Police said the boy stole the bus after a friend said he needed a ride home.

Source: CTV News Toronto

Never get between a man and his Pokemon cards

A fight over Pokemon trading cards ended with a 5-year-old boy being thrown into a wall.

Who was his attacker? His 29-year-old uncle, Kyle T. Buford.

Police arrested Buford on Dec. 22 after he attacked his nephew for playing with Buford’s Pokemon card collection. When Buford found his nephew with his cards, police say Buford struck the boy with enough force to knock him off his feet and into a wall in the home they live in.

Buford is being held on $20,000 bond while facing charges of second-degree child abuse and second-degree assault.

Source: CBS Baltimore

Report on an anti-robbery conference and your car gets broken into

Lorem ABC7 News reporter Stephen Tschida was at a press conference on Wednesday morning to listen to Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Cathy Lanier talk about the creation of a new task force that had been created to fight robberies.

When Tschida returned to his news van, he discovered someone had broken into the van and stolen some equipment.

Tschida said that the robbery happened within view of where the conference was being held, about 100 feet away from the mayor and police chief.

Source: WJLA Washington, D.C.