Urban Legends of Ogden: The City Club

Tyler Hoffman

the main entrance of The City Club, located in the back parking lot area of the hotel. (Tyler Hoffman/The Signpost)
the main entrance of The City Club, located in the back parking lot area of the hotel. (Tyler Hoffman/The Signpost)

Enjoy a round of beers and some conversation in a relaxed environment while taking a trip back in time to relish in some rock ‘n’ roll history.

The City Club is located in the Historic 25th Street area, next to Bistro 258 and it is decorated with Beatles memorabilia. “We have one of the largest Beatles, if not the largest Beatles collection, in the United States,” Heidi Harwood, owner of The City Club, said.

Throughout the building almost every inch of the wall is covered with Beatles memorabilia, and it changes regularly. “The owners have such a large collection, and they want to share it. So they have to regularly change things out,” Adam Hunter, longtime City Club bartender said.

In the east-street side corner of The City Club, is a black and white painting, with just the faces of The Beatles. “This painting is an original painting by the Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar,” said Hunter.

The City Club is almost a restaurant-style bar. There is the bar, patrons can sit at, but there are many tables for folks to come and relax with friends and colleagues, after work or school. It has a few different TVs as well for those patrons who wish to enjoy the current sports game going on.

The drink menu is created from a list of different Beatles’ songs, as well as the food. City Club has a unique food item, the PB & John–  a bacon cheeseburger with peanut butter and grape jelly.

The City Club has been open for almost 25 years, and both the street and upstairs levels are equally decorated.

The basement of The City Club is used for storage for the 25th Street Association. The association includees all of the owners on Historic 25th Street and they meet regularly to discuss promotional ideas, as well as how to improve the area and all of Ogden.

One of Harwood’s roles in the association is with the Harvest Moon Festival. She has different committee heads to help put the event together but all year round, she plans for the event.

One Weber student at the bar says her and her friend meets there regularly because it’s a nice vibe and while it is Beatles theme, they don’t always play music. Plus they enjoy going on Taco Thursday for cheap tacos and beer.

The City Club is a nice sit-down bar where people can enjoy a round of drinks or grab a bite to eat for a little after-work socializing. Students can easily go in, have a drink, order a plate of wings– one of their most popular items– and do homework.

“People love coming here, because here, customers are number one, they are the most important part of City Club,” Dorthy Longo, bartender for The City Club, said.

It’s a museum you can get a drink at.  It is certainly not your typical bar and if you’re a fan of classic rock and good vibes, then head on down to The City Club with some fellow Wildcats.