High hopes fall flat for Bickering Sisters

Lauren Porter


The facade of The Bickering Sisters restaurant. (Lauren Porter/ The Signpost)
The facade of The Bickering Sisters restaurant. (Lauren Porter/ The Signpost)

When I first walked into The Bickering Sisters, I immediately asked where I could find the loo. There is no bathroom in this restaurant, so I had to walk next door, go up the untrustworthy elevator and into a creepy, dimly lit bathroom. Needless to say, I was already pretty skeptical of this place. But my experience didn’t turn out too badly.

I walked back to the restaurant and noticed that the dining area looks something like a soup kitchen, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing–sometimes they have the best food.

It was a nice day, and their patio area looked pretty shady, so I opted to sit outside. The table I chose to sit at was one of those plastic patio sets that seem to tip over at the gentlest of breezes. Hopefully, the business will continue to grow, so they can purchase sturdier dining tables.

I was able to sample two of their dishes and two sides. I had high hopes for the spicy peanut thai slaw, but I like my coleslaw wet. But at The Bickering Sisters, they seemed to only use vinaigrette–and use it sparingly.

The tomato soup confused my taste buds because even though the taste was good, I felt like I was eating spaghetti sauce. Perhaps there was too much oregano. And unlike the tomato soup from a can, which this poor college student is used to, Bickering Sister’s tomato soup was chunky. The most delightful thing about this cup of soup was that it was presented in an actual cup.


Picture of the food I sample at The Bickering Sisters (Lauren Porter/ The Signpost)
The food I sample at The Bickering Sisters. Of the three dishes, my favorite was the grilled turkey, cheddar and apple sandwich. (Lauren Porter/ The Signpost)

The pasta with pesto dish, which two waiters recommended, was a letdown. The dish includes shell pasta, basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, grated reggiano parmigiano and toasted pine nuts. I love a good pesto pasta, but I felt that this particular dish was quite bland.

It has the option of adding a fried egg on top, which didn’t do much to enhance the dish. I loved the sun dried tomatoes in this dish, but there just were not enough of them.

The grilled turkey, cheddar and apple sandwich, which has 21-grain bread, oven roasted turkey, cheddar, Granny Smith apples and honey mustard, was the star of the show. Even though I couldn’t really taste the turkey, I didn’t care. I thought that the cheddar and apple combo on the delicious bread was perfect.

If the restaurant put ham or prosciutto instead of turkey on the sandwich, it would definitely become my favorite dish there. It’s not overly filling, so if you’re really hungry, you may be want to order an appetizer.

The Bickering Sisters is located at 2487 Grant Ave. in Ogden. Their hours are Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sat 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.