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WSU offers students various tutoring services

Source: Tribune News Service
Source: Tribune News Service

Every college student has dealt with some difficulties in one of their classes. They either decide to struggle in silence, or muster up enough courage to ask for assistance.

Math is an area in which students seem to have more difficulties compared to other courses. Students also struggle with their English courses. Weber State University has solutions for both of these situations.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a tool that some classes offer where students can study with their fellow pupils.

Teacher’s assistants usually lead these groups, allowing everyone involved in the group to communicate their concerns to the instructor, as well as benefit from the expertise of someone who’s either deep into their studies in the program, or graduated and received a high GPA during their studies.

Since not every course offers SI, students can form their own groups. The advantage of SI is that students can lean on a teacher’s assistant instead of a random member of their class.

Math students don’t need to worry about what they encounter in their courses. They can either go to the Davis Learning Center or the Math Tutoring Center.

The Math Tutoring Center offers help for students up to Math 2210 in their Solution Space in the Student Services Center on the Ogden campus. Their other hubs, including their location on WSU’s Davis campus, only go up to Math 1010. All of the tutoring options allow students to drop in without making an appointment.

Student Support Services (SSS) is not specifically a tutoring center. They work with students who are registered with the WSU Students with Disabilities Office, as well as low-income and first-generation students. Their services include supplemental financial aid for those who qualify, book loans, academic tutoring, use of the SSS computer lab, 20 pages per week of free printing and a course that focuses on study skills, financial literacy and graduation planning.

The Appointment Tutoring Center is different from all the other tutoring options. Students have the opportunity to sit down with trained tutors for as long as they need. Throughout the tutoring process, students are nurtured to reach the fullest extent of their learning potential.

At the Developmental English Learning Center, the focus of the people who work there doesn’t stop with what students learn academically. They also work with students to make sure they learn a life skill as well.

This tutoring option is reserved for students who are currently enrolled in Developmental English classes. Students have a better chance to succeed with access to a resource like the Developmental English Learning Center.

Regardless of where a student is in their studies, their schedule is likely packed. Whether they’re dealing with the pressures of family or work, they often lack the time needed to get help with the papers they’re writing for their classes.

WSU’s Writing Center has an online tutoring option that lets students submit their papers online for the purpose of getting feedback. While this approach does not replace what a student would get from face-to-face interaction, it’s a solid choice when nothing else is accessible.

Students who need extra help with their writing can go WSU’s Writing Center. Heading to the Writing Center is ideal for people who need more than just feedback to get their paper up to their professor’s standards. A writing tutor can take a student’s paper from its rawest form and turn it into something that will receive high marks. After several sessions with a writing tutor, students will have the tools they need to write better papers in the future.

Each student is responsible for their own success. Putting off going to a tutor out of the fear of being judged is nonsense.

Students can find a tutor who’s dedicated to helping them with their problem and ensuring their success anywhere on campus. Besides, tutoring services are paid for with the fees students pay every semester.

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