Five Crazy Headlines: From fluffy, poodle-like dinosaurs to colorful armpit hair

Karissa Wang

crazyHeadlinesWEB-02From Velociraptors being compared to fluffy dogs to people dying their armpit hair, here are this week’s five crazy headlines:

Apparently, real Velociraptors were not big, scaly dinosaurs as they appear in movies like Jurassic World.  The real Velociraptorwas only the size of a small dog and its body was covered in feathers. Paleontologists know this because the bones of the dinosaur are covered in small bumps, which are where the wing feathers were.

A close relative of the Velociraptor, discovered in China and called Zhenyuanglong, offers more insight into what Velociraptors may have looked like. It has tail feather and quills on its wings. According to paleontologists, the common man might mistake it for a turkey.

This study has led paleontologist Stephen Brusatte to call the Velociraptor a “fluffy, feathered poodle from hell.”

Source: Time

A man found an odd package floating in a canal and fished it up onto the land. He called the police, adding that he thought it might be a dead animal because it had an odd smell and was leaking with fluid.

The package was further examined and discovered to be a duvet filled with coconuts.

Source: Manchester Evening News

While Nike hasn’t debuted a shoe made from human flesh, an artist in Canada did design a shoe to look like it was made of human flesh. He added chunks of his roommate’s hair and branded it with the Nike logo.

He branded it an “Animatronic Flesh Shoe,” and managed to make the latex look like realistic human skin by making the rubber casts for the material out of molds made from his own skin. He wired the shoe with electronics so that the shoe can twitch.

He created the art piece to help remind people about the conditions in sweatshops and how much hard labor goes into making our everyday products.

Source: Dangerous Minds

The Ku Klux Klan planned a march to protest the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Caroline Statehouse and was impaired by local man Matt Buck. Buck started playing a funny tune as they marched in order to embarrass them and believes that he succeeded.

Source: 9 News

A 17-year-old woman in Seattle died her armpit hair turquoise, then posted a video on YouTube. Since then, she has tried an array of different colors, including hot pink, purple, green, neon yellow, and orange.

The fad is catching on and the Internet boasts pictures of celebs like Miley Cyrus with colored underarm hair and tutorials on how to do it yourself.

Source: New York Times