Five Crazy Headlines: From Tinder for dogs to hotels trying to make you cry

From a Tinder app for dogs to a hotel with rooms designed to make you cry, here are this week’s five crazy headlines:

Most people today have either used or at least heard of Tinder, a popular dating app. Meeting people through the internet may have become a cultural norm for us, but now they’ve made a new version of Tinder–for dogs. London-based company Holidog created Tindog to help dog owners find playmates for their pets. Photos of the pet are uploaded onto the website, and owners browse through the pictures of other pets close to their area, choosing ones they and their dog would like to meet with.

Source: Android Police

The increasingly popular selfie sticks have recently been banned from Disneyland and Disney World. This new rule was formed after a roller coaster rider whipped out a selfie stick while the ride was in operation. Since then, authorities have begun to check bags before patrons enter the parks, confiscating any selfie sticks they come across, although they can come back to get them upon leaving the park.

Source: LA Times

This month, a new Guinness World Record was set for world’s longest pizza. 60 Italian pizza chefs gathered at a world expo held in Milan to turn 1.5 tons of mozzarella cheese, 2 tons of tomato sauce and various other ingredients into a giant pizza. The final creation was 1.6 kilometers long, stretching almost a mile.

Source: Yahoo News

A Louisiana man asked a Walmart bakery to make him a cake decorated with the confederate flag and embellished with the words “Heritage Not Hate.” His local Walmart denied his request, refusing to fill the order. The next day, the man went back and placed an order for a cake featuring the ISIS flag. The bakery honored his request. The man created a YouTube video explaining his bewilderment that Walmart agreed to make him an ISIS cake but not one with the confederate flag. The Walmart spokesman claimed the act was a mistake, saying that the specialist who iced the cake did not understand what the image was.

Source: Georgia Newsday

The Mitsui Garden Yotsuya hotel in Japan has created special rooms designed to help tenants release stress by causing them to cry. The rooms feature tissues, a selection of sad movies, and manga books carefully chosen to make the reader drop a tear or two.

Source: The Telegraph