I say Good Day!

8-8 SkylerPyle02
The 2014-15 Editor in Chief Skyler Pyle. (Kaitlyn Johnson)

WawaWhoowa! It has been quite an exciting year for me as editor in chief of The Signpost.

I have to give a lot of the credit for my awesome experience to the most incredible team ever. Their talent, knowledge, determination and drive fill me with so much pride, I really can’t explain it. Thank you to all who were part of the 2014-15 team; you are MONEY!

I hope all of you, our readership, have enjoyed the coverage we have provided over the last year. From pipes bursting and Shepherd Union flooding to professor deaths to WSUSA misconduct, this team has experienced what journalism is.

Thanks to Jean Norman, our new adviser, I was given free rein as EIC, and I took full advantage. Together, we created a staff that is cohesive, professional, energetic and committed, and it has been my great pleasure to mentor and lead them.

After being news editor for a year, I knew there were many changes I wanted to make, and Norman allowed me to explore those changes, which I have eagerly and successfully achieved.

By changing the weekly section schedule, all sections are now able to enjoy front-page coverage, which created variety and entertainment for our readers. Through expanding the class from one day to two, I implemented professional development that gave the team real-life perspective about performing and surviving in an industry that is always evolving. To broaden the audience and expand equal opportunity, I created a Spanish section, which has flourished and is by far my greatest achievement while being at The Signpost.

I did not start college as a communication major. While working through my general classes, I realized a talent I never knew I had, and by deciding to get engaged on campus to get a full college experience, I joined The Signpost, which has offered me more than I could have ever imagined. I was able to learn from a variety of individuals with different personalities and lives. I went to training sessions that not only provided me with knowledge, but also networking opportunities for my future career. I got to go to places I have never been before, such as Nashville and New York City, as well as places I had been, such as Las Vegas and St. George; all provided me with new and exciting information in journalism. It has been quite fantastic to say the least.

Staff Photo March 23, 2015-7431
The 2014-15 Signposters. What an awesome crew! (The Signpost)

While at The Signpost, I experienced a tragedy my family is still trying to understand, and I want to say thank you to Georgia Edwards and Shelley Hart for giving me comfort and a shoulder to cry on. I will never forget the solace it gave me to have support during the hardest part of my life. You are two of the most wonderful women I have had the pleasure to know.

To wrap up this farewell, I want to tell you, the WSU community, The Signpost is an organization filled with students who are hard working go-getters. They strive to keep you informed and are an intricate piece of the WSU campus. Pick up the paper; check out the website. Enjoy the tremendous work these students are doing because they deserve it. If you want to have a great time in college, join The Signpost—it is well worth it.

Thanks for a great year! I will treasure it forever.