The Cribs 'For All My Sisters'

The Cribs "For All My Sisters"
The Cribs “For All My Sisters”

UK brother band The Cribs offers listeners their sixth album titled “For All My Sisters.”

Over the last year, the band convened with The Cars front man Ric Ocasek for this album. According to The Syndicate, the band has a new perspective which comes along with new challenges. The band continues to evolve and thrill “whilst stockpiling an enviable arsenal of songs,” The Syndicate said.

Twins Gary and Ryan along with their younger sibling Ross formed The Cribs back in 2002 through Squirrel Records. Following several successes, the brothers have collaborated with many different people in past albums. Currently with Sonic Blew records, Gary mentioned on the band’s Facebook page that the aim is to “make a better record each time.”

The Cribs are able to achieve a lot in one single album. “For All My Sisters” is an album that can reach fans of many different tastes in music. Great beats and even better vocals let listeners soak in the good vibes from the band. The album starts out in a cheerful and energized way, which is not only entertaining but it makes listeners want to see what else is in store.

One of the best songs on the album is “Diamond Girl.” It’s a song about being yourself, which everyone can relate to. Similarly, the song “Burning for No One” has an amazing beat to it and a good rock n’ roll vibe.

The coolest song on this album was “An Ivory Hand.” There was something about this song that will make you want to dance around while listening to it. One can also appreciate that the band is able to incorporate electronic sounds without becoming overwhelming for the listener.

One  issue new listeners might encounter is that many of the songs blend together. It’s not until the song “Pink Snow” that listeners get to see a different side of The Cribs. The song is slow and has a melancholic tone to it. The band expresses variation through lyrics like, “To all my sisters, I promise you that I’ll try and be brave for you.”

If The Cribs are a sound you enjoy check out The Rakes, Mystery Jets or The View. The Cribs “For All My Sisters” is a three star album for this reviewer. They have energy and a good sound that many can enjoy without difficulty.