Career Cafe presents useful resources

Students listen attentively to presenter JT as he informs them about the many resources the Career Services offers. (Jin Elle / The Signpost)
Students listen attentively to presenter JT as he informs them about the many resources the Career Services offers. Photo by: (Jin Elle / The Signpost)

Weber State University’s Career Services hosted its weekly Career Cafe earlier this month to provide students with valuable information, and to raise awareness of the resources available to assist them at the Career Services.

Career Services (CS) conducts their Career Cafe sessions every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and encourages students and community members to attend. Each week there is a different career topic up for discussion, which is geared toward helping students succeed in finding jobs and careers.

Information Specialist Jason Eborn, who is popularly known as JT, conducted the interactive and informative career presentation sessions, which lasted approximately 22 minutes. He spoke of the many services that CS offers to assist students in achieving a career path that they are passionate about.

“Your job is our job,” said JT attempting to reassure students that the CS is committed to serving their career needs.

CS specializes in helping students network with potential employers and aid students interested in employment though their Job fairs held during the fall semester.

According to JT, as of April 8, the CS CareerConnect job database had 1,052 jobs and internships available. Students and alumni can seize these job and internship opportunities through the CS website with the use of both W# and date of birth to log into CarrerConnect.

Among the other services the CS offer, there are advisers that can cater to the needs of students belonging to any department of study by assisting students who are having a rough-time deciding on what career pathway they would like to proceed in from administering mock interviews to prepare students to providing help with resumes and cover letters.

By scheduling a one-on-one session with an adviser, students can also access a variety of tests, which can be useful for students when they are in the process of producing a resume because they receive help to write effectively and market themselves better towards their employers. This allows their resume to stand out against other job applicants.

Another test available can help students decide on their career path and makes suggestions for job options based on personality traits, interests, skills in performing tasks, strengths and weaknesses.

For students of any class standing who would like explore the best career choices suited for them and to equip themselves with the skills necessary for a successful interview, there is a full semester class called CHFAM 2900 which is taught online or in the class room.

Anthony Burson, a WSU freshman studying supply chain management, attended to see what he could improve on and check out future prospects. Although Burson is employed, he decided to explore his curiosity and broaden his horizon with a Career Cafe session.

“I thought it was great. There was a lot of helpful information presented,” Burson said. “In the event that I am looking for a job, now I’m aware that CareerConnect is there for me. I can check-out job listings available, and I can seek assistance from the Career Services in preparation for an interview.”

Cynthia Elliott, a geography major in her senior year said, “It was really great! I did not realize they offer so many opportunities to help students with their careers through the fairs and the frequently held Career Cafe.”

“I’ll definitely utilize the resources I’ve learned about today,” Elliott said.

Speaking about the presentation sessions, marketing intern for the Career Cafe Alyssa Kennington said, “Career Cafe is definitely a great resource for graduating students as well as those looking for summer internships. They just need to check their emails often to know which Wednesday’s Career Cafe sessions best suit their needs.”