Utah Symphony to honor Streisand

(Courtesy of Ogden Symphony Ballet Association)
Ann Hampton Callaway, above, will be the guest soloist at OSBA’s “The Streisand Songbook” event. (Courtesy of Ogden Symphony Ballet Association)

Utah Symphony and the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association have joined forces for over 60 years to bring performances to Ogden.  Their concerts appeal to all audiences and ages. This weekend, they’re teaming together to honor Broadway diva Barbra Streisand.

“These concerts are really popular,” Sharon Macfarlane, executive director of the OSBA, said. “It’s a tribute to Barbra Streisand and her songs. We expect a pretty amazing rendition of her.”

“The Streisand Songbook” is one of five concerts where the OSBA teams with the Utah Symphony in order to honor music and musicians. This concert features Jerry Steichen as the conductor and Ann Hampton Callaway as a guest vocalist.

“It’s the second best thing you will see to seeing Barbra Streisand live,” Susan Campbell, education development coordinator of OSBA, said. She added that Calloway has written many songs for Streisand and she is “knowledgeable in her style”

According to biography.com, “Barbra Streisand is the highest-selling female recording artist of all time, and has won awards that acclaim in every medium that she’s worked in.” The site added that Streisand has also done a range of charity work.

“Each concert is a little bit different than the other,” Macfarlane said. “But I think the fact is that when you say ‘Streisand’ you know immediately pretty much what it’s going to be sounding like. I think this will appeal to most all ages.”

According to their website, the Utah Symphony was founded in 1940 and is one of America’s major symphony orchestras. While many symphony orchestras play strictly classical symphony music, “The Streisand Songbook,” would be considered a pop concert.

“The pop series was not something that I would have attended on my own,” Campbell said. “I’m more of a classical girl. What I really enjoy about these concerts is the opportunity to see Broadway singers.”

The most popular Broadway shows Streisand is known for are “Funny Girl” and “I Can Get It For You Wholesale.”

She added, “It’s just amazing to see how personable they can be in singing and how entertaining they can be and how they interact with the audience.”

Callaway, the guest artist for “The Streisand Songbook,” is a singer, actress and producer, according to annhamptoncallaway.com. She’s bringing her unique style to the Browning Center to honor Streisand by singing some of her famous pieces.

“The symphony is amazing on its own but when you add in these guest artists, it’s like you’re getting two shows in one,” Macfarlane said.

Tickets for “The Streisand Songbook” range from $26 to $44. WSU students can get into any available seating for only $12 with a Weber State issued ID when tickets are purchase at the venue or over the phone the day of the performance.

Campbell explained this is a great opportunity to see the Utah Symphony in Ogden. Usually audience members have to travel to Salt Lake City to enjoy the Utah Symphony.  “We’re the only people who bring the symphony up to Ogden,” Campbell said. “It’s important to bring that up here so it can be a part of the community.”