Tips for diving into the Christmas spirit


A package addressed to James Brown sits wrapped under a Christmas tree in the foyer of his Beech Island, S.C., mansion, which is still decorated for the holidays. The house was plundered for a Christie's auction, but several items remain, not the least of which is the house. (Kim Kim Foster-Tobin/The State/MCT)
A package sits wrapped under a Christmas tree in the foyer of his Beech Island, S.C., mansion. (Kim Kim Foster-Tobin/The State/MCT)

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, some of you may be feeling ready to pack up, put the dishes away and send your lovely relatives on their way.

However, before you get too excited, remember that the wonderful Christmas season is fast approaching – in fact, it is already here. Now, this news is not meant to make you panic. In fact, it is meant to wake you up from the stupor all that yummy turkey put you into.

Whether you like the festivities or not, Christmas is coming. It is simply unavoidable. Slap a smile on that face and be one step ahead of the game – start getting Christmas-ready now.

As painful as that may sound, The Signpost has you covered (as we always try to do). Read on for suggested tips to help you get into the winter holiday spirit.

Put up the Christmas tree. Who can say no to pretty, shiny things? That’s right, no sane person in their right mind. Although picking out the so-called perfect tree, gathering ornaments and adding lights can be a bit of a pain, it is all worth it in the end. If nature’s trees become too much of a hassle or too expensive, invest in a fake tree which can be reused year after year and may not leave as much of a mess. It brightens up the house and the set up serves as a great family bonding activity.

On that same note, hang up some lights. Sure, rainbow or golden lights on the tree are gorgeous, but why not go all out and beautify the entire house? Making your own property look more festive might convince not only you and your family to get in the holiday spirit, but also your neighbors. Even the random passerby who’s lucky enough be graced by the pure awesomeness will get sucked into it. All thanks to you.

For those of you who enjoy shopping, this is your cue. For those of you who do not, make the best of it. Rather than running all around town looking for gifts the day before you need them, get a head start on all that hunting now. It might take a while to develop an idea for what to get everyone. Add that to the amount of time it could take to actually find all the right things, and Christmas could very well be here by then. Besides, getting things out of the way is always nice because then you can lay back and enjoy your winter vacation days with less stress.

And if you’re getting started on gifts already, you may as well begin planning the party and making a list of who to invite. This gives you the perfect amount of time to refine the guest list and send out invitations.

The bottom line is that Christmas is not all that bad. Even if you are not invested in the religious side of the holiday, it is possible to appreciate the time spent with the people closest to you. And if you can’t do that, at least appreciate the time you get off from school.