4 things Weber State students can be grateful for

 View of nearby mountains along the trail up to Malan's Peak. Weber State students can take in views like these right on campus. (Photo by Autumn Mariano)

View of nearby mountains along the trail up to Malan’s Peak. Weber State students can enjoy great views right from campus. (Photo by Autumn Mariano / The Signpost)

The wonderful holiday that November is famous for is coming, and it is coming fast. Folks, it’s time to welcome Thanksgiving with open arms.

Before you start sulking and insisting that you have nothing to be grateful for, consider the following points – they are things any Weber State University student can appreciate.

The mountains. Have you taken a look at those beauties lately? If you were born and raised in Utah, it is easy to overlook them, but don’t take them for granted. They’re so gorgeous that one of The Signpost’s own graphic artists declined an opportunity to portray them because, “I could never do those beauties justice through a drawing!” (Although, with all her artistic talent, we are quite sure she could handle it.)

Having the perfect campus. Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that Weber State is the perfect size? We do not have a crazy amount of students, nor are we so deserted that we are not even on the map. Somehow, the people in charge managed to cap the number of students to the perfect amount. Kudos to them. And they came up with a campus to match. It is big enough to incorporate all the buildings we need, but still small enough that most locations are within walking distance.

On that note, take a look at the resources your wondrous school provides to you. An open computer lab, a library, free counseling services, career planning help – where would we be without those? Granted, much of the funding for that comes from your student fees, but on your own, you would have to travel all over the place to receive all of these services.

The seasons. Sure, sure, we all joke about Utah weather and complain every now and then, but deep down inside we all love it. What good would it be to live somewhere in which the temperature never changed? You would never get a chance to break out your winter scarves or summer sandals. As unpredictable as the Utah weather can feel, it keeps us on our toes. So we are always ready for storm or sun – kind of like a boy scout, always prepared. If it makes you feel any better, think of it as living dangerously. You never know what to expect when you step out of the house.

The people in Utah. As great as the big places like New York and Las Vegas are made out to be, can you imagine how loud and distracting it would be? People absolutely everywhere and not a quiet space to be found. Lucky you, Utah gives you the freedom to choose what you want. For socializing, Salt Lake City and some regions of Ogden are perfect. But if you needed some calm study space, that would also be within easy reach.

You see, kids, as many times as all of us have heard this, it all comes down to your perspective. Things really are not that bad — take a minute for the holiday and appreciate what you have.