International Education Week hits Weber State

International Education Week is in full swing at Weber State.

The event ran from Nov. 17-21, with various activities every day. The activities included international booths set up in the atrium of the Shepherd Union with opportunities for students to try authentic international cuisine and learn about international programs offered at WSU.

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(Kaitlyn Johnson/ The Signpost)

The International Student and Scholar Center (ISSC) kicked off the event on Monday with Russian cuisine, an “Issues in Student Affairs” international panel discussion and a free movie, “Lemon Tree.”

“This is a celebration of internationalization on campus,” said Cliff Nowell, dean of the Office of International Programs. “I would like all students to come away with the message that international opportunities abound at Weber State and in Ogden: study abroad, exchanges, international clubs, international curriculum and great food.”

The happenings continued throughout the week with Brazilian, African, German and Cuban cuisine, along with activities such as a trivia game show, an international cultural showcase and a dance party.

The ISSC is also taking the opportunity this week to educate students about the international programs at Weber State. The “Study Abroad Experiences” discussion was held Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in the lair of the Shepherd Union (Room 235) for students who wanted to learn more.

Many students have taken advantage of the study abroad programs at WSU, traveling to locations like Thailand, England and many places in between. Brandyn Bowers is one WSU student who took advantage of the opportunity to study abroad in Japan.

“The experience was incredible,” Bowers said. “I love traveling and going through culture shock. I learned about new customs, food and sights that can’t be found here.”

Nowell also spoke about why it is important for students to educate themselves about the world.

“The world is becoming smaller and smaller,” Nowell said. “All of us will experience people from other cultures at work and in our private lives. If we want to become comfortable in this global village, we should experience the diversity firsthand, and complete our education by learning more about the people and places around us.”

Karen Yanez, another student who has studied abroad, said that it is an experience like no other.

“There’s something about being fully immersed in a culture that is so amazing,” Yanez said. “It pushes you to come out of your comfort zone and learn more.”

Bowers spoke about why students should be aware of the opportunities that are available and what they can learn from them.

(Kaitlyn Johnson (2 of 2)
(Kaitlyn Johnson/ The Signpost)

“Students should travel to not just learn, but to discover themselves,” said Bowers. “When I studied in Japan, I made new friends and developed my language skills. I hope other students can use this opportunity to improve themselves too.”

International Education Week concludes today with an “International Religion” panel, a World Cup trophy presentation and a dance party in the Shepherd Union.