Cheap Weekly: MovieGrille offers cheap dine-in movie experience

Dinner and a movie. The classic, but oh-so-boring college student date night. Sure, maybe it’s easy, and there’s not a whole lot of prior planning, but who really wants to sit awkwardly in those narrow, soft-but-not-soft-enough theater chairs for a prolonged amount of time? Heaven forbid your date is actually attractive and you want to snuggle with them either. Movie theater chairs, with their hard, plastic cup holder dividers, were definitely not made for snuggling.

Let’s not even talk about food. It can be frustrating to eat early enough to make it to the movie on time, but no one wants to eat at 10 p.m., after the movie is over. Buying concessions can be an acceptable alternative to dinner, except they cost four times as much as dinner would have so that’s not really feasible either.

One movie theater in Ogden is striving to remedy these problems. The MovieGrille, located on 22nd and Grant Avenue, just west of FatCats and the Junction, offers luxury seating, the ability to order food and drinks during the movie and they’re doing it all at a lower price than a normal movie ticket price.

With a full gourmet menu offering everything from popcorn to salads, and nothing costing more than $12, MovieGrille offers a wide variety of appetizers, meals and classic movie theater treats.

MovieGrille not only strives to provide patrons with a satisfying in-movie dining experience, they also want to make sure people coming to MovieGrille won’t break the bank.

On Mondays, MovieGrille offers free tickets to a favorite cult-classic movie with a $3 food or drink purchase. Too good to be true, right? Wrong! Tickets for this amazing deal can be reserved online through the MovieGrille’s Facebook page. Tickets become available either the day before or the day of the movie showing.

Another special deal MovieGrille offers is their Two for Tuesday deal. Tickets, popcorn and drinks are two for the price of one all day for any movie. Tickets can be purchased in person or online using the coupon code “twofortues1014.”

While Two for Tuesday sounds like a great date night deal, MovieGrille also offers a date night special on Wednesday nights. For movies shown after 6 p.m., two tickets and two entrees can be purchased for $20. Again, tickets can be reserved online using coupon code “datenight14” or in-person.