WSU Dead Man's Party resurrected for second year

dead man party graphic cmyk
(Graphic by Brett Ferrin)

Several WSU departments and organizations will bring Halloween to campus with the second annual Dead Man’s Party this Friday.

With dancing, face-painting and costume contests, the free party will be held in Ballrooms A-C in the Shepherd Union Oct. 31 at 7 p.m.

This year up to seven different clubs and organizations will contribute to Dead Man’s Party, but it will primarily be run by Black Scholars United (BSU).

Niesha Miller, president of BSU, said resurrecting the Dead Man’s Party from last year was one of her main goals as president.

She said last year’s event was a huge success.

“I didn’t expect the turnout we had last year. I mean, the ballrooms were packed,” Miller said. “This year is going to be bigger than last year.”

Anticipating a bigger crowd, one of the main highlights this year will be the dual DJs, DJ Joune and Z-Jax, who will play different genres to accommodate the audience throughout the night.

According to WSUSA Executive Vice President Jeffrey Henry, the alternating DJs will be the main feature that will draw in a more diverse crowd and keep the party alive.

“The unique thing about the dance itself is that it has two DJs,” he said, “It basically covers every spectrum of music, and it will appeal to everybody. So you end up getting a variety of people.”

Along with the DJs, a huge balloon drop will be a new change to this year’s party.

At 10:45 p.m. balloons will rain down prizes contributed by different WSU departments.

According to Miller, the goal for the drop is to bring more awareness to the campus organizations.

“We just wanted to get the groups on campus to just get their names out there,” Miller said. “I really want students to know about the organizations.”

Miller said everyone will walk away with something that will promote WSU clubs.

One of the organizations, The Hispanic Area Council (HAC), will contribute to their first Dead Man’s Party by donating shirts and helping out with the drop.

“We just like doing a lot of events that help out the community,” said Nestor Robles, a PR officer for HAC.

Robles also hopes students will learn more about the organizations hosting the event and get more involved on campus.

“There are a lot of fun things going on in those councils. It would be nice to see the students get more active in them,” Robles said.

Along with getting active on campus, Miller also hoped students will get more involved with the community by donating canned food at arrival.

According to Miller, WSUSA, HAC and other organizations will also help out with Dead Man’s Party by collecting and sorting donated cans.

Students are also welcome to help out for services hours on campus.

“That’s why I did the canned food drive, to just give back to the community,” said Miller. “That’s one way to get involved. You’re giving back and you’re coming to have fun too.”

It’s a minimum requirement of two cans to get in the party, according to Miller. All the proceeds will go to Weber Cares, a Weber organization that collects canned goods.

However, anyone is welcome even without a donation, said Miller.

“We won’t turn away anyone who didn’t get the memo,” she said. “The dance is free and it’s open to the public.”

Henry said donating to a worthy cause while also hosting a safe campus party will appeal to not only Wildcats, but to the whole community.

“It’s kind of a win-win for everybody,” Henry said.

With all sorts of activities and new changes to this year’s Dead Man’s Party, Miller hopes the event will give students a small taste of  a few of the campus organizations at Weber State.

She encouraged students to take advantage of the many opportunities in college, even the parties.

“A big part of college life is getting involved. So go enjoy yourself and get involved,” Miller said.

The party will run all night till 11 p.m.

“It’s going to be absolutely crazy!” Miller said.