5 Halloween traditions to try this season

With strings of skeleton lights and rows of jack-o’-lanterns taking over, it’s okay to go all out this Halloween season.

Whether you’re trick-or-treating or spending time with family, here are some of my personal traditions for the Halloween season:

1. Carve a gallery of pumpkins. Why stop at one jack-o’-lantern when you can have a whole pumpkin patch lighting up your porch? You can even create intricate designs and vary the sizes of pumpkins to spice up your Halloween decor. Since carving jack-o’-lanterns is a common household tradition, up the ante this year by making a gallery of pumpkin art.

Kids in the hood: Fun, cozy DIY Halloween costumes
Two kids celebrate Halloween by trick-or-treating. (Source: Emmet Malmstrom/MCT)

2. Make homemade goodies. It’s not all about the candy for my family on Halloween. A cool tradition that we do is making homemade donuts at the stroke of midnight. Baked pumpkin seeds from recently carved jack-o’-lanterns are another great Halloween snack. Plus, spending all this time with the family helps to create a new tradition.

3. Scary movie marathon. Getting scared senseless is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Watching cheesy, scary movies is perfect for family bonding, while going to the theaters can really bring the shivers up your spine. Either way, sharing the scares with friends and family is a great way to spend the night.

4. Create your own costume. In a world of copy cats, being original is key if you want a successful Halloween costume. In my family, being imaginative and creating our own costumes out of scratch is a lasting Halloween tradition. Last year, my twin and I dressed exactly the same and literally went as “copy cats.” The possibilities are endless.

4. Ultimate trick-or-treating! The night doesn’t have to end on Halloween. If you have youngsters in your family, take trick-or-treating to the next level by decorating your car and playing loud music as you stroll the streets. If you’re one to give treats, make goodie bags to really get kids excited. Either way, make this night memorable by going to the extremes.

Traditions come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t let the holiday season pass you by without making some lasting memories.