Tech expo showcases latest gadgets for students

The Wildcat Tech Expo, also known as WTX11, has been showcasing different technologies annually for the past few years. This year, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, students gathered around booths in the Shepherd Union Building to find out about the next top brands in today’s technological world.

The Weber State University Bookstore and WSU Information Technology Division sponsor the expo. This year, WSU students weren’t the only ones notified about the event. Special invitations were sent out to K-12 communities in the Davis, Morgan and Weber counties.

“It gives us a chance to interact with students,” said Ben Taylor, a staff member of the Wildcat Tech Expo. He said these students are there to learn more about the new technology coming out.

The expo featured top brand-name technology vendors such as Apple, Adobe, Bodyguardz, Dakine, Dell, iFrogz, Lenovo, Skullcandy, Timbuk2 and T-Mobile.

The most occupied tables were Skullcandy, iFrogz and LanSchool. A group of WSU juniors said earphones are what they need. These tables also offered games and candy. Students regularly were found reaching out their hands for Hershey’s Kisses, free wristbands and free headbands.

The vendor showcase also offered educational classes with the free concurrent technology classes including free food and drinks as well. Each class was taught by a professional on today’s technology. These sessions included discussions on home network security, blogging practices, digital photo editing for beginners, eBooks and podcasts, personal brands or portfolios in the digital world, cloud computing and electronic textbooks.

Brad Beazer, the former manager of the WSU bookstore said, “Five years ago, we only had five vendors and no classes.” Beazer also said that this year, WSU has excelled in having more than five vendors and providing educational classes on technology.

“Wildcat Tech Expo is the top technological fair of its own kind in the country – the kind on university campuses,” Beazer added.

Wildcat Tech Expo started out very small. Now, it has enlarged and has made associations with other vendors and schools across the country. WSU invited these vendors and offered them products from the bookstore.

The Informational Technology Division partnered up with the campus store.

“It’s not just a campus expo,” Beazer said. “It’s a partnership now.”