5 easy recipes from eating on a student budget

I am not a domestic goddess. Sometimes, when I’m feeling like a homemaker I’ll go so far as to use a tablecloth. Most of the time, though, my husband and I share plates to minimize dirty dishes, and the only thing decorating our table is the my school books. So when I share these recipes with you, you know that anyone can do them!

 Homemade macaroni and cheese:

This delicious and simple recipe comes from my grandmother. It’s a perfect comfort food that will have you saying, “Kraft, who?”

Cook Time: 15-20 min.


1 bag macaroni noodles

2-3 cups shredded cheese of your choice

½ can of evaporated milk

2 eggs

Seasoning of your choice

Boil the noodles until al dente, drain. Return the noodles to the pot, add milk, eggs and cheese, stirring until smooth.  Add salt, pepper, garlic or whatever seasonings you like.

Chicken salad:

Eat it on bread or with crackers. It’s an ideal lunch.

Cook Time:  5 min.


1 can chicken

Miracle Whip or mayonnaise

1 stick of celery

Garlic powder (if desired)

Drain the water out of the chicken, put chicken in a bowl or Tupperware. Using a fork, fluff the chicken until it is shredded. Add miracle whip or mayonnaise and stir until desired consistency is reached. Chop celery into small pieces, add to mixture. Season as you like.

 Eggy in a blanket:

Breakfast food is the best. And anyone who tells you differently doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Cook Time: 5 min.


1 egg

1 piece of bread


Using a cup or (if you’re careful) a knife, cut a hole in the bread. Heat a pan on the oven with a little butter. Add the holey bread, then crack an egg so it sits in the middle of the bread. Cook on both sides, enjoy!

Strawberry chef salad:

Cook Time: 15 min.

This one is great for using up your produce before it goes bad. Mix whichever salad fixings you like, adding slices of hard-boiled eggs and some sliced strawberries. Pour whichever dressing you like on top. It’s healthy and delicious!

Crock pot roast:

This is a great meal for a long, busy day. You can get it started in the morning, and by the time you’re done with your day it’ll be ready to eat.

Cook Time: 8 hours

Prep Time: 5 min.


1 beef roast

5 bouillon cubes

3-4 cups water

Throw the defrosted roast in the crock pot, pour water over it until it is covered, toss in a few bouillon cubes and close the lid and forget about it. It’ll be ready in time for dinner.