Weber State Confessions: An anonymous place to vent

(Photo courtesy Weber State Confessions) Weber State Confessions offers students a place to vent and share their secrets anonymously
Weber State Confessions offers students a place to vent and share their secrets anonymously. (Source: Weber State Confessions)

Got a secret? More than one? Something you can’t tell anyone?

If you’ve got something burning a hole in your pocket, just waiting to get out, then Weber State Confessions is for you.

From relationship problems to stresses at school, Weber State Confessions offers an anonymous place to vent.

“My boyfriend and I were much closer before we made ourselves official,” writes one confessor. “Now it feels like he succeeded and gave up.”

“I’m seriously considering becoming a drug dealer just so I can pay for fall semester,” confesses another.

To submit, simply go to, type in your confession and submit.

Then wait to see it posted anonymously on Weber State Confessions’ Facebook page.

The staff of Weber State Confessions is dedicated to keeping things anonymous.

“We don’t ever take anyone’s names,” the head administrator of Weber State Confessions said. “The only thing that we do is accept the textual response that is put on our website.”

The staff of Confessions, an anonymous group of less than ten students, also limits the information posted to the site such as specific names and places.

The site went online in 2013 and almost immediately saw a surge in popularity.

“The first month that the page was live we went from 200 users to 1,500,” said the head administrator. “That much growth that quickly was very surprising.”

During the school year, Confessions received over 200 submissions a day. Submissions slowed down over the summer, but the site still consistently received 50 to 100 daily.

Most of the submissions discuss normal, everyday things. School, work and relationship issues motivate many confessions.

“They’ll just scream it into the void and hope to get posted,” said the head administrator.

Although the page does get its fair share of weird confessions.

“I kissed a homeless man for $10,” reads one confession from July.

“One time on a date I was cuddling with this girl. Her breath reeked so bad that I almost puked every time she talked to me,” reads another. “It was absolutely horrible.”

“Everyone has things that they want to say that they won’t say to your face,” said the head administrator. “I look at somebody and I realize, man they really have an entire life story that’s just as interesting and just as long as mine.”

One of the most powerful confessions came only one month after Confessions started, when someone admitted they were considering suicide.

The confession was flooded with comments in support of that anonymous person, convincing them to choose life.

“The response from the community was overwhelming. (They) really just wanted to help the person out of a rough spot,” the head administrator said. “People really do care about each other. And that’s pretty heartwarming.”